A Love Story: Heaven


In my final attempts to save myself, I screamed as loud as I could, hoping that my best friend would wake up, see the monster that was on the bed and push it away for me to run. “What’s wrong?” he asked and jumped up, trying to see what was happening but he saw nothing because whatever it was that was on top of me have disappeared. “There’s….the…th…” I tried to speak but couldn’t as I was still shaking in fear. “There’s nothing there,” he said. “You are just dreaming,” he continued, trying to assure me that it was all a nightmare.

“No!” I shouted. “Eleanor was here! Eleanor was here! She’s Satan! She’s the devil!” I yelled like a child that just saw something under their bed. “Here,” I was told. “Take this sleeping pill and go to bed,” my best friend told me. I refused at first but since he kept insisting, I finally gave in. “Lock everything,” I said before closing my eyes. I was sure that I saw something at the edge of my bed but I was too weak to do anything. I trashed around, trying to keep myself awake but I couldn’t. The sleeping pill works fast, it effects to story for my weak body.

At first, I thought that I was in a dark room but as I kept walking, I realised that it wasn’t a room. Actually, it was nothing at all. I was in a black space. “Shh,” something whispered into my ears, causing me to panic. “Bugger off!” I shouted while at the same time using my hands to push away anything that could be standing at my sides. I became even more petrified when I found out that nothing was there. “What are you finding for?” the same person asked me. “Nothing,”

“You can’t lie to me,” I was told. “I’m not lying,” I said. “I’m not finding anything,” I said. “Isn’t it lovely?” I asked back. “Being in an empty room. All alone. Nobody to disturb you,” I said. “Go on,” the voice said. “Finish what you have to say,” it said and so I did. “I love being alone. I want to be alone at times, where I don’t have to care about my surroundings, doing anything that I want,” I said. “Wouldn’t it be great?” I questioned. “Just hanging around, walking about, swinging my hands, breathing in fresh air, being who you are without fear,” I said. “Tell me, if this isn’t heaven, what is?” I questioned again. “Do you have anything to hide?” I was asked. “Who doesn’t,”

“You sounded afraid, terrified earlier on, what changed your mind?” the voice asked me. “If you wanted to kill me, you would have done it long ago,” I replied, sounding as brave as ever. “Do you know who I am,” it asked. “Yes,” I said. “You are the thing that has been following me around for the last few days,” I answered. “Quite a scene you put up there,” it told me. “With what?” I asked, curiously. “With your acting and what not,” it said. “I wasn’t acting. I loved it when they die. I want to hear their screams, I want them to beg, to see their pitiful looks,” I said. “Heaven..heaven…”

“You are nothing more than a coward. You, them, all the same,” the voice said. “You are them, they are you,” it continued. “I’m me and you are you,” I replied annoyingly. “Weren’t you screaming and crying like a little girl earlier?” it asked. “Weren’t you begging too? For your life? Screaming to be spared,” it continued. “Girls scream, boys scream. So what?” I retorted, trying to make a point that everyone in danger would feel scared. “Do you want to take my life? Do you want to kill me?” I asked. “Aren’t you afraid that I would? Isn’t that why you were screaming?” it asked. “I’m afraid the demon, not death,” I answered.

“What’s life? Life is garbage. You born, you die, you rot,” I continued. “Fair enough,” it said. “So, you want to die?” it asked. “Yes, I do,” I answered. “Sadly, I can’t do that,” it said. “I want to tell you something,” it said to me. As if it was waiting for my answer, I remained silent, signalling that it should just go ahead. “What do you do when you seek help but nothing happens?” it asked me. “I give up,” I say. “I give up and move on,” I reply. “Not for everyone,” it replied. “You see,” it said before I could say anything. “Your beloved Eleanor was no angel,” it said. “She’s just as bad as those people who bullies her,” it said.

Suddenly, I saw a white light and like a screen, I saw Eleanor in front of me. She was walking down the street, knife on her hands. “What-” I asked but the voice said. “Shh!” before I could finish. It was dark and a small kid walked towards her. She picked up the kid, dragged him into a nearby woods and asked, “Do you love it here?”. The terrified boy nodded his head in fear. “Good,” she said and slit his throat. Then, she began to laugh like I did when I killed her bully.

“You, them, all the same,” I said to myself as everything disintegrated back into darkness. “Why did she do it?” I asked. “I told her to,” the voice said. “Why?!” I shouted, angrily. “She wanted help. She was desperate for help. She wanted it to stop. God was never there but I was. I kept her company. I helped her stand up again. It’s not my fault,” the voice said. “But you don’t do things for free,” I refuted. “No I don’t but at least I still do something,” it said and I remained silent. “That’s it?” I asked. “No,’ it said. “You must know that now she wants you,” it said. “Cause I want her to kill you,”

To be continued…




A Love Story (Part 7)


I drove back to the hospital happily, knowing how proud Eleanor was of me. Remembering that I was supposed to be buying some food, I stopped at fast food restaurant before continuing my drive down the empty road, towards the crowded and congested hospital, as if everyone in town is suddenly sick or dying. As soon as I stepped out of the car, the smile on my face vanishes as I pulled on my mask. I walked slowly towards my sister’s ward, secretly hoping that she died but die she did not as I saw that she was very much still alive. While I was eating, the doctor informed me the bad news. “She’s getting better,” he said.

Whatever smile that was still on my face behind the face faded away as soon as I heard the news. I told my best friend that he’s free to leave anytime he wants but he refuses. “I don’t want to leave you alone at this hour,” he said to me. I knew that he was afraid that I was going to kill myself. I would have convinced him otherwise except he won’t believe me due to the fact that tried to kill myself once and failed spectacularly. “I will be fine,” I said repeatedly but he wasn’t buying any of that and I don’t blame him. After his parents died in a tragic accident, he had been alone and lonely for a while until we met each other at the local book club.

“My number one fear is losing,” he told me once and of course, at that time, I had no idea what it meant. However, the tragic incident that I witnessed made me understand the magnitude of his fear so, I gave up trying to make him leave. I was staring at the painting on the wall, admiring it when I heard a voice calling out my name. “Come here,” the voice whispered. I stood still because I know that it didn’t sound like Eleanor. I thought that it wouldn’t stop and that I was going crazy out off boredom but after a few seconds, it did. I felt as cold breeze caressing my body as the hairs on my body stood up. I turned to my left and jumped out of my chair, screaming.

“What’s wrong?” my best friend asked, running towards me. I couldn’t answer him as I pointed to the thing that was in front of me. “Shh,” it whispered. As it got closer and closer, I could feel its hands caressing my face before it ran down towards my neck and began to choke it. It tried to pull off but I couldn’t. Just as my best friend reached me, it disappeared and I was able to breathe again. “What’s wrong?” he asked in a concerned voice. “The…the…” I said, pointing to the wall in front of me where the thing stood. “There’s nothing there,” I was told. “Relax”

A nurse told me that I was imagining things and my best friend said that I was hallucinating because I was still traumatised by the recent events in my life. I was buying none of that. “There’s someone there!” I protested as my best friend drove me home, telling me that I ought to get some rest. After tucking me into bed like a small kid, he started to walk out. “Wait!” I shouted. “Stay here with me!” I demanded and he did. He took some pillows from my cupboard and lied on the ground. Just as I was about to close my eyes, I saw the thing in the hospital that tried to kill me standing at the end of the room. This time, it was smiling. “Nice to meet you again,” it said as dropped to the ground and crawled towards me.

I screamed as loud as I could but by that time, my friend was already dead asleep so he couldn’t hear anything. I desperately tried to move my hands, legs or any part of my body but nothing seems to be working. Out of desperation, I closed my eyes and call out for Eleanor to help me. “Help me, Eleanor!” I cried as I could feel the thing getting onto my bed. I opened my eyes and saw that the thing smiling ear to ear above me. “Eleanor is here,” it said, giggling. “I am Eleanor,”

The room Part 2

I started to pack my stuff to leave in a hurry but then I decided to just stay and wait for my friends. “How long can it take them?” I said to myself and sat down. “Wise choice,” I heard someone said but when I turned to look, nobody was there. The mysterious person who stood up was missing too so somehow, I convinced myself that I was just dreaming. 

I heard the door slide open as my friends entered the room. “Who is that at the corner?” one of them asked. “Who?” I said and turned around to see where he was pointing it. And there he was; the mysterious man. The more I looked at him, the more spooked out I got so I suggested to my friends that he should just go to another study room upstairs where there’s more people. 

They seemed shocked because usually, I will be the person who would suggest that we get away from as many people as possible. “Ok,” they said and we moved. To their surprise and to my horror, the other study room was empty. We sat down and started to work on our assignments after choosing the perfect place which is under the A.C. 

“He is coming….He will open your chest…..And rip off your heart,” I heard the mysterious man singing the song. My heart skipped a few beats and my body started to shake. I jumped off my chair as I felt something caressing my neck. Then I saw it.  My friends reflection weren’t showing in the mirror. That was it for me. I took my phone and laptop and stormed out off the cursed room. 

“Where are you going?” someone asked me and I recognised the voice as my lecturer’s. I turned around and saw her. “There’s a ghooost,” I said while my body was shakin badly. It took her a few seconds to comprehend what I just told her since I was shaking so bad. “What do they looked like?” she said, giggling. Knowing what was going to happen next, I ran away. “You cannot leave now, the party hasn’t started yet,” my lecturer said, still giggling like it’s a joke. 

I didn’t bother with what the crazy lunatic has to say as I got to the main entrance. The door was locked and I had two options: Break the door or use the emergency exit. 

To be continued…

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The Night Class (Part 1)


Note: This is a work of fiction

I was walking back to my room after my class ended. It was dark because that’s the way it is. The university didn’t find it necessary to ‘brighten’ up the walkway because it’s a fact that the university is the most secure place in the area with top-notch security guards patrolling every area 24/7. Plus, the lights turn on by censor so, when nobody is walking, it gets really dark.

Nobody really knows why the lecturer wanted to have a class at 9:00 p.m to 11:00 p.m. but nobody dared to question her because almost half of the class failed the first test and it was a day before the semester break. The students knew better than to question the lecturer because they knew that she was very disappointed although she didn’t show it.

Some had noticed that she was acting rather weird for a couple of days but none said anything. They had always regarded her as an easy going person and she still was when they left the class. As usual, I let other people overtake me because I hate being the first to walk to a safe area. Despite being and claimed to be very secure, I was still paranoid because I believed that anything could happen at any time.

After being at the university for 3 months, I had quietly analysed that people who overtake me were either in groups or in a hurry to go and buy something to eat. For me, I take the time to ‘enjoy’ my walk because although it was dark and creepy, the scenery is relaxing. I realised that my walk to my room is taking far too long than usual.

“Ugh I’m so hungry,” someone complained while walking. I was sure that I along my 5 minutes walk, I heard about 10 complaints alternating about being hungry and tired. I decided that after listening to so many people being hungry that I will just go to the store to buy something to eat. As I entered to store, I was taken aback by the unusual amount of people there. Mostly they are my classmates.

After queueing and paying for my food, I followed a group of 12-20 people who were walking to their rooms as well. I sometimes wondered to myself that people are just robots who were programmed to behave a certain way only tonight we were zombies because most of us are tired and hungry but having a good mood because it is the semester break.

I looked to the left and saw someone who I assumed to be the cleaner mopping or sweeping the floor. I paid little attention because it was something normal in the university. I scanned my ID to open the main door and stepped took the stairs to my room. As I closed my door, a sudden realisation hit me. I realised that the cleaner didn’t quite have a head. That was when I heard screaming coming from the lower floor.

Immediately, people started to storm out of their rooms to see what the screaming is all about. Someone was pointing at something and being rather short among most of the people, I couldn’t see anything. I pushed through the crowd of 30 people or so and saw something lying on the ground. The something turned out to be a severed head. I looked in front of me and saw a sillouette of a person walking away. I knew it was going to be a long night.

(To be continued)

3:00 am

It was 3:00 a when I heard the knock at the door. I don’t know how to react mainly because I lived alone in a huge mansion. Having watched lots of movies and reading many novels, I know that opening the door would be something stupid to do. 

However, I have always experienced something that is not paranormal even when I thought it is. I had done everything that I could to see ghosts. I spent hours at the cemetery at night during the weekends, hoping to see a glimpse of something, anything that would make me believe in the paranormal world but I saw nothing. 

The knock persisted so I gathered it might not be coming from the door after all. It’s an old mansion so, it’s obvious some parts might had been broke and is hitting one another. The next day, I heard the knock again. This time, it seems to me that here’s a patern to it. It would always be a long knock followed by 3 short ones. 

That was when I concluded that it might be a ghost after all. Happily, I took my camera and was ready to snap the picture of this ghost, waiting to meet me. As soon as I opened the door, I snapped the photo. The police only managed to find the camera in front of the door. The never found me. Even after 10 years. The only picture in the camera is of a hideous creature with a huge smile and yellow teeth.