Stupidity and Sensitivity

Words rushed through my head

With so many things to say

So many stupid things the people say

This stupidity is hard to believe

After all they are elected to the office

They made people believe

In their now mostly broken promises

Compromising with the other groups

Even though they won without any support

From the other people and other parties

They are too stupid

Too quick to appease

The oppressive, the racist, the far-rightist

To win and win and win

But they will lose

The racist will stay racist

The fascist will be fascist

Alienate the base and they will eliminate you

Turn on the base they will vote for you

Didn’t you learnt this in fucking school?

I hoped it was only promises that were broken

But you are also breaking human rights

People’s rights to be free

The rights you promised to give

I have so many things to say

To make my words a say

But I can’t because I don’t know what to say

To force open your small brains

The rights of the majority means oppressing the non guilty

The sensitivity of the majority means stupidity

The minorities deserve their rights

And that you should give

Screw you

Fuck your beliefs

People have the rights to live as they wish

They did no harm to you

Or your family

But still you’re treating them like criminals

You pathetic losers

Just wait till it’s time

I’ll kick your ass out of office

And place you under arrest

Abolish your sharia laws

Your rights to pray

Your rights to believe

Your rights to get married or remain married

Maybe then you will understand how the gays and lesbians feel

When you prevented them from existing

How the apostates and atheists feel when you force them to believe

When the minority becomes the majority

You will see what they see

I hope when you see

You will be more accepting

And respecting

And let them be as they were born to be

One day they will win

Cause love always wins

Human rights will prevail

And when it does

I’ll be proud to be on the right side of history

For even if I die fighting for people’s right

At least I die knowing I did the right thing

And if God threatens me will hell

I’ll tell him to lick my ass