My country celebrates it each year

People screaming and yelling each year

Fireworks going off exactly at midnight

More people screaming and yelling

We’re free! We’re free!

But for me

I refuse to celebrate it

What is there in independence?

When some people still live in fear

What’s the meaning of independence?

When people are chained by their religion

Some with no choice to leave

What’s the point in celebrating Independence Day?

When atheists are told to be wiped clean

Transgenders classified with the crazies

Gay and lesbians not being able to get married

And ex-Muslims forced to forever stay in closets

Why can’t everyone be happy?

Why can’t everyone openly love their life partners?

Why can’t the government stop telling people what to do,

Especially when it harms nobody?

I’ll wait for the time

When it’s enshrined in law that

Love is love

And religious books moved to the fiction section

And the government staying out of people’s personal business

Before I even start to think of celebrating independence


Love and Hate


I killed my son
He loved me
My heart said no
But Allah says so
And Muhammad said “Please”
So the last thing to do was
Ameen… Ameen…”

I wasn’t born angry
But the Quran told me
To kill the infidels
Wherever I see them
To kill the Jews
“Even though they did nothing to you”
Cause it pleases Allah
So yet again,

I hate killing innocent lives
But my religion said
To kill the apostates
“Behead them in one go”
To preserve the honour of the all-loving God
Who’s more fragile than fragile
And more evil than evil
Perhaps even to the liking of Satan
Who at least doesn’t pretend to be omniscient
Omnipotent and omnibenevolent

I hate hating people for their ethnicity
Or simply because Allah told me to hate
Dear God
Where’s the compassion you claim to possess,
When is the penalty for leaving your religion death?
What’s with all those stonings and whippings?
And people getting thrown from buildings?

Stop lying
And just admit
That you’re not as loving as you claim to be
That you are only doing things because you love human beings
That everything bad that’s happening is just a test
And that everything will get better in the end

There are people dying and getting killed
People killed by people
And people killed by the almighty
All I see is not the act of love
But rather an act of torture
With no compassion whatsoever
So perhaps my dear lord
Maybe it’s time for you to own up
Or for me to leave