Doomsday : Flash Fiction


I wasn’t sure what was happening that morning, except for the fact that the earthquake lasted for more than an hour as I hanged to life, lying flat underneath the table. Being in a country that has never experienced an earthquake before, nobody in the neighbourhood knew what on earth they should do and when it will stop. Even though everything was literally shaking violently, my house was still mostly intact, which allowed me to easily find myself out of all the rubble and towards safety.

Dead bodies were everywhere of course as houses in the area aren’t built to withstand huge earthquakes but then again, nobody saw it coming. Some speculated that more earthquakes will follow but after three days of nothing happening, everyone thought that that was the end of it. However, just as the sun was about to set, fire whirls were reported everywhere around the country, causing a nationwide panic. By this time, religious groups started to pray to God for forgiveness, for the “sins” that were committed by people.

Of course, as someone doesn’t believe in God, I try to find a scientific explanation but I got nothing since the internet went down and everyone I know was dead, that is except for my grandma who somehow has an underground bunker that’s fully stocked with canned food, enough to keep us alive for months. We stayed there for about three weeks as we heard screams and people begging for mercy.

We would never know what had happened because after we got out of the underground bunker what’s left of the outside world are international “peacekeeper” finding for survivors. It turned out that everything that was happening was a war. A new kind of war that manipulates the climate to kill as many people as possible in a worldwide conspiracy to combat overpopulation and being alive was merely a blessing from the new “Gods”.


I Have Come To You


“I have come to you,” I said to the person at the tree. The person was not paying attention by I didn’t mind it. After all, it took me more than a week to arrive but it wasn’t my fault. Every time I wanted to make a move, there’s always something that stopped me and every time it happens, I try to figure out what it was. I was sure the person at the tree was too tired to hear me explain any more about the thing that was always stopping me.

“You know,” I said to him. “Maybe you didn’t call out of me loud enough. Maybe I didn’t hear you call out for me because I was far away and you were merely whispering,” I said to the person who still remained quiet but he nodded his head, signalling that he was hearing what I was talking about. “Many people told me that I was never there when they called out to me. I found it weird because of I when I do arrive, they were never there and I don’t know where they live, what they look like,” I explaining to the nodding man who seemed as if he was about to go to sleep soon.

“Then they concluded that I will never come and that I don’t exist. Well, maybe I’m not real, but what is real?” I continued blabbering, not sure if the person is still hearing me. “Someone told me they died shortly after leaving before I could arrive. That’s a shame. If only they cried out louder and a little bit sincerer,” I explained. “I mean I gave them many things before even when they didn’t ask for it. Couldn’t they at least waited a little longer? I agree I told them they need to do many things in return but couldn’t they wait for another second just as a token of gratitude?” I ranted. “So,” I asked the man who was hanging from the tree, “What is it that you want?”

He never did answered me.