Many want to live

But they still die

Can’t you see

To live forever and ever

The only way is to wish to die

Then God will keep you alive

Cause why wouldn’t he?

Life is not rainbows and sunshine

Being alive is not a blessing

It’s a trap can’t you see

You are kept alive

For you to endure sufferings

Famine and killings

But never once can you say anything

Or in hell you will be for eternity

What hell?

Isn’t Earth hell enough?

Surely not cause some people are always happy

Then damn you and me

Happiness is a privilege can’t you see

But wait!

Somethings are just unexplainable you see

Because our lord

He works in mysterious ways

Everything that happened

Comes with its own blessings

Where then is the blessing

For cancer in children

Surely the son doesn’t bear the sins of the father

Blasphemy! Blasphemy!

Thou shalt not blaspheme!

Such insult should be dealt

With the death penalty!

Kill me then

Feed me what you fed Socrates

For it would end my life and my sufferings

If it brings me to hell

I no longer care

Because in the hands of an all loving God

Surely he would spare me some forgiving?


The Freedom

We are finally free they said

After many years we will be free

To criticise, to speak and to be heard

For before this we were under a dictator

Who with one strike will push you under

If you ever say something he didn’t want to hear

So out of fear

We let him steal and kill and kept our mouth shut

Of course everyone was unhappy but they weren’t free

Now that dictator was killed

Everyone said they are finally free

As for me it’s all bullshit

For I believe that the freedom to speak

Is not me speaking what the new dictator wants me to speak

But it’s me speaking what he doesn’t want me to speak

And only then I would finally be free

The Lies

They told us once

That they would never lie

“I swear to God,

The day I lie, I shall die”

Some never believed them

They were in charged once

And they lied then you see

Then they said

They will die soon

Give them a second chance

To make all their promises

And wishes come true

Surely promises should never be broken

And surely we could give them a second chance

For we know oldies never lie

And so they were elected in

In hopes of no more lies

But old habits never die

They imprisoned the people

The police and the elected officials

They combined with those that were toppled

And together they hailed a dictator

Time flies

Some people die

Some habits die

But the Devil,

He remains till the end of time

The Change

They promised change

It was understood

That is won’t happen soon

They needed time

For them to think everything through

Surely we could wait for a few days

If not a week or two

Surely something would change by then

And so I waited

The fifth day came

But nothing changed

I voiced out my concerned

But I was told to be patient

Then I was told to change myself

And be a better citizen

To always follow the moral values

That was indoctrinated to me

Only then I will be internally free

Only then my country will change

I tried to change myself

But I couldn’t

It goes against my ideology you see

Therefore I waited

Two weeks flew by

Still nothing happened

I voiced out my complains

Along with my friends

Who wanted change

But we were told to go back

To our holy book

And return to our roots

Only then we can expect change

That day I walked away forever

Annoyed as ever

I returned home and burned

All of my holy books

And the ‘do’s and ‘dont’s

For the only change I needed

Was the chance for everyone

To be who they were born to be

The New God

Everyone was happy that night

Of course they were

The old, evil and corrupted God was finally ousted

Many were injured and many more lost their lives

But after fighting for 60 years

Finally the self proclaimed God is no more

The defeated God left the stage in a shock

He was not always evil

The people loved him

Everything he did was right

They fought off all criticism

Saying it was all conspiracy

“I swear to God!”

“I did nothing wrong!” he said

And the crowd cheered

All hail their mighty leader

Then one day it happened

Their leader made himself God

“Worship me!”

“I’ll bring you peace and prosperity!”

It took them years to realise

The God they worship is actually the Devil

“For the Devil is sleek

And thou shalt not see

The true colour of it”

Up they came and fought the evil God

Nobody saw it coming as they were mostly asleep

Thinking their effort for the day is wasted

But goodness always wins and win it did

There were celebrations for two weeks

Not everyone liked it but after 60 years

That’s the least they could do

To be happy

As the sky is now shiny

They hailed a new leader

Hopeful for change

Long live my dear king

And even if you kill me

I’ll still say that it wasn’t you

For my king is my God

And my God never kills


I have a poem

It rhymes with totem

They come to my house

Asking for my golden watches

Build me a place of worship

To pray of the pity

Silly silly silly

It rhymes with pity

Give me some money

I’ll build a place of worship

Surely surely surely

God is all knowing

Surely surely surely

God is all loving

Take from me my golden palace

Melt the walls

And sell them to God

For when I worship

I do not kill

For when I kill

I need not worry

Pity pity pity

Where’s the all knowing

Pity pity pity

Where’s the all loving

Pity pity pity

There’s still killing

Pity pity pity

There’s still famine

Worship worship worship

Build build build

Running running running

Like one of the crazies

Oh God almighty

Bless me bless me bless me

Heaven On Earth…

It’s heaven on earth… they say,

But surely heaven is better than death and suffering,

It’s the land of the free… they say,

But surely freedom is not defined relatively,

You should be grateful… they say,

But surely gratefulness doesn’t born out of nothing,

Look! People are living peacefully… they say,

But surely peace is not standing behind bars,

Counting the days till you can leave,

It’s the Heaven on earth…. they say,

And surely,

To live peacefully and free,

I can’t do anything but agree