Love and Hate


I killed my son
He loved me
My heart said no
But Allah says so
And Muhammad said “Please”
So the last thing to do was
Ameen… Ameen…”

I wasn’t born angry
But the Quran told me
To kill the infidels
Wherever I see them
To kill the Jews
“Even though they did nothing to you”
Cause it pleases Allah
So yet again,

I hate killing innocent lives
But my religion said
To kill the apostates
“Behead them in one go”
To preserve the honour of the all-loving God
Who’s more fragile than fragile
And more evil than evil
Perhaps even to the liking of Satan
Who at least doesn’t pretend to be omniscient
Omnipotent and omnibenevolent

I hate hating people for their ethnicity
Or simply because Allah told me to hate
Dear God
Where’s the compassion you claim to possess,
When is the penalty for leaving your religion death?
What’s with all those stonings and whippings?
And people getting thrown from buildings?

Stop lying
And just admit
That you’re not as loving as you claim to be
That you are only doing things because you love human beings
That everything bad that’s happening is just a test
And that everything will get better in the end

There are people dying and getting killed
People killed by people
And people killed by the almighty
All I see is not the act of love
But rather an act of torture
With no compassion whatsoever
So perhaps my dear lord
Maybe it’s time for you to own up
Or for me to leave




We live in a world

Where you are free

Only if you follow the holy

And drink camel urine to stay healthy

Never talk

Never discuss

And don’t even dare,

To criticise the almighty

Or you will suffer the consequences

Under the name of “religious liberty”

Perhaps in a democracy

You might walk away free

But in countries like Saudi

You will suffer the same faith as Raif Badawi

1000 lashes and 10 years in prison

For the victimless crime of going against the almighty

Who is so-called loving and forgiving

But is actually dreadful and evil

And love sufferings

We live in a world

Where you can get married to a nine years old

But if you belong to the LGBTQIA+ community

You will either be hung, beheaded or thrown from buildings

For it is considered a sin,

An abomination to the lord almighty

Even though it is something natural

And definitely not immoral

People want somebody to love

Someone to cuddle

A shoulder to cry on

Someone to talk to when they feel lonely

Someone to get them through the dark days

And someone to grow old with

Surely everyone deserves the chance

Just like some of you did when you decided to get married

Or maybe you do it so that your religion no longer prevents you from having intercourse

But if that’s the case

Sorry to say you have no idea what love means

And you verily have no rights to question it

For love is love is love is love.

When will it stop?

All these nonsense about “practicing my religious liberty?”

How weird god must be

To hate his own creation

To demand them to be killed

Just because they are different from the majority

But without rainbows the world would be dull

And if everyone’s the same where’s the fun of it

Your religion, your faith,

It might prevent you from doing something

It’s not a universal moral code

And certainly not a universal constitution

So who the hell are you

To go around killing atheists,

And beheading ex-Muslims,

Hating your own friends and relatives

Just because they happen to be gay, lesbian or bisexual

Labelling transgenders as people with mental illness,

Who just wants attention

Or maybe just saying it’s ok for them to be what they were born to be

Just as long as they don’t fall in love

And treat them like second class citizens in their own country

Under the name of your god

Who you love

And who gives you orgasms whenever you praise

You commit violence and honour killings

Just for the sake of your own pride and ego

Oh please, it’s pathetic

For your religion is a personal belief

It’s not something that gives you rights over others

And it surely doesn’t give you the rights to be a bigot

My Dearest Friend, Satan (Part 2)

My dearest friend Satan,

People say you’re evil,

But I begged to differ,

You see I believe in free will,

And the freedom of choice,

But our creator doesn’t,

But that doesn’t mean,

That we can do nothing,

And you showed that to me.

Dear Satan,

You have inspired me to fight,

For whatever I believe is right,

Even when the society might disagree,

I will continue to fight,

Cause I believe in rights,

Even when they think it’s not right.

My dear friend Satan,

People told me to stay away from you,

They say you’re evil,

And will turn me into something like you,


They never mentioned that you will always be there,

For people who are depressed,

You gave them reason,

To pick up the broken pieces,

And move on with their life,

Cause you were always there,

During the lonely nights,

Telling people that you’re here,

Even when their prayers are unanswered.

Dear Satan,

Maybe people will always hate you,

They say you’re the root of all evil,

But they never realise that evil comes from the creator,

And as far as I’m concerned,

You’re not the creator.

Dear Satan,

If I can see you I may look at you in fear,

But behind my fearful and tearful eyes,

I’ll see you as a figure,

Who inspired me,

And people like me,

To fight for freedom,

And for human rights.

My Dearest Friend, Satan

My dearest friend, Satan,

It has been a long time

Since I spoke or seen you

I wonder where you have been

Some people say that for the last 30 days

You were chained hell

For one small and stupid mistake

Which somehow the all loving

Doesn’t seem to forgive

Surely it’s nothing

And surely if I keep on questioning

Someone will take me away

And chain me away

And put me in jail

Dear Satan,

It doesn’t makes sense

That for one small mistake of yours

You are condemned for eternity

Although legend has it

You once prayed at the mountains

Every day and night

And yet there you are

Sitting in hell

Alone and perhaps even in fear

While some people

They murder, rape and steal

But before they die

They somehow repent and accepted god as the almighty

And we praise them for eternity

Praising the lord too

For being all kind and all forgiving

While you

All your previous prayers were useless and even forgotten

Just because you refused to bow to us humans

What harm does it make

Surely it means nothing?

Or does it

Perhaps it’s something I couldn’t understand

Some say I should stop questioning

Because the lord works in mysterious ways

And everything happens for a reason

But how could I stop questioning

There are many people like you

Who used to pray and praise the all loving

Only the be punished

So one day

They couldn’t take it

And they lose their faith

But the society

They don’t understand

And we condemn them to hell

While some will even lose their heads

Dear Satan

People say you’re evil

That somehow all evil originates from you

But God said

Not a single atom moves unless he permits it

So who is the real evil here?

I guess I will never know

But dear Satan,

I just want to let you know

That I will always appreciate it

That you stood up and fought

For the free will you weren’t provided with

Thoughts and Prayers

We love to do one thing

Whenever there’s a shooting, stabbings or bombings

We will say, mostly tweet

Sending thoughts and prayers

Then we feel happy

Because we helped people to move on

From such horrible tragedies

But do you really?

Doesn’t sending thoughts and prayers means nothing

To someone that’s already dead?

Why pray for the dead

When we could have helped them not to be dead?

We love to say things

To make ourselves feel better

But we don’t really care about others

Type amen to save this kid

Even if you don’t donate

They will be ok

We thank God when someone is saved

But we never thanked the firefighters

Nor the doctors

Who actually does the work

We blame natural disasters on the gays

We said it’s because they wanted to get married

Wow what an ass

We cut down trees

And do nothing for the climate change

We blame innocent groups

For our mistakes

But never fear

As long as we keep on typing

Sending thoughts and prayers

Everything will be clear

Even if we sit down and do nothing

Cause the creator

He is somehow all loving

And would come and make everything clear

It’s a Stupid World…

It’s a stupid world we live in

People get away with stealing

But being truthful makes you a nobody

It’s a stupid place we stay in

You can get away with corruption

The more you take the more you win

If you try to go against the flow

Good luck with the show

Of people calling you a so called pro

Who wants nothing but to steal the show

It’s an idiotic place we call home

Where you can get away with killing

But apostasy will get you killed for sure

It’s not a wonderful place here

Where you will suffer

Just because of who you love

But if you’re a bigot

You can get away for sure

Run in any election

And you will win for sure

It’s a stupid world we live in

Where it took ages for some people

To be recognised as humans

Just because of their gender

And who they love

It’s a stupid world we live in

Where we think people need our permission

Just because they are different

It’s a stupid world we live in

Where people believe in nothing but fiction

While facts are called rubbish

And preaching science is called blasphemy

It’s a stupid world I live in

Where I see a lot of people suffer

Just because they don’t fit the category of normal

People can be kind helpful and loving

But if they don’t believe in certain things

We give them the death penalty

But never fear

Sometimes if we’re liberal

We sent them to prison

It’s a stupid world I live in

Where those who wants to live are killed

But those who doesn’t want to live remains

So that they are given more sufferings

But if they choose to die

They will be in hell for eternity

It’s a stupid world I live in

I don’t even know why the hell am I here

They say it’s a test

The one which tests my faith

To show that the creator is all knowing and all loving


It’s a stupid world I live in

Where if I ever call the creator stupid

I wouldn’t be here

Typing this for you to see

It Is Not A Crime…

You said it’s not a crime to be religious

But surely it’s a crime when you forced it onto anyone you wish

You said there’s nothing wrong with being religious

But surely there’s something wrong with it

Because I see people being beaten up

And even killed

Just because they questioned it

You said it’s not a crime not to be religious

Why then is it a crime to question it

Why then are people getting killed for apostasy

Why then are people getting punished for so called blasphemy

Why then are you creating laws

Based on your religious beliefs

That will allow you to force people to follow and believe

When even your religion said it’s forbidden to enforce your beliefs

Is it really?

Because I see nothing but hypocrisy

You said it’s not a crime to be religious

And yet you want to hunt down those who doesn’t have any

You said it’s not a crime to be religious

And yet you kill people just because they want to be

Who they were born to be

You said it’s not a crime to be religious

But why are there so many killings in the name of religion

You tied people up

Opened their mouths and shoved your beliefs

Then you walked away smiling lively

And happily as you turned someone into a zombie

Chanting and praising your God’s name

Chanting and praising your beliefs

Showing it of as a peaceful belief

But you can’t see

The person who blasphemed is you not me

The person who is not practicing a peaceful belief is you not me

The person who enforced something is you not me

So who are you then

To tell me that

It’s not a crime to be religious

When you don’t even know what a crime means