Goodbye, Dear Neighbour


Goodbye dear neighbour

The world mourns your departure

Of a great man

A man who I wished I knew more

Maybe one day I would regret it

Regret that I never use the chance to know you better

Day night,

I see you almost everyday

I made me jealous

To see you smiling everyday

It seems like there’s no time when you’re sad

Happy all the way

Either that our you really don’t care

About your own feelings

And keep your damned thoughts to yourself

Let others hurt you

Not you hurting the others

It’s a wonder

That I rarely know you

Yet there’s so many things to say

I could list all the great things

The wonderful things that you did

But I always believe

A great man like you

People need to hear not see

Perhaps they even felt it

As I always believed

Some accomplishments are too much, too great to list

Goodbye dear neighbour,

It will be lonely without you here

And verily, you will be missed till forever



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