Rest In Peace

Dedicated to my grand uncle who just passed away


I barely knew you
And you barely knew me
Yet I mourn your death
Like everybody else
I will always remember
The moments
The small moments
That we spent together
I will always cherish
The sacrifices that you made
For my family
And the advice you give
During the small period we meet

It’s a total shame
That the world loses someone so great
And yet never arrogant
Someone so brave
And yet so humble
Someone so selfless
And yet never complains
Someone so caring
And yet never quits
Whenever you need him
He may be late
But he’ll always be there

I will always treasure
Your frequent visits
Sometimes you come in a red car
Sometimes blue
And sometimes black
But every year you always came
I will always remember
The moment I sat next to you
When I was still a small kid
I knew you were someone special
But maybe the world didn’t know it

Now that you’re gone
And the whole world is in shock
You’ll always live
In my hearts and mind
And whenever I feel lost in life
Or need something to live by
I will see the red, the blue, the black
And maybe the green
I know it’s you coming to help me
And then I would never worry
And wherever you are
I hope you’ll always be happy


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