The Weirdest of the Weirdest


It’s the weirdest of the weirdest

They claimed to be the most peaceful religion

Yet people die in chop chop square trying to leave the religion

They claimed it’s the most feminist religion

Yet the wife is expected to follow the husband’s wishes

It’s the weirdest of the weirdest

When they say it’s a feminist religion

But women are forced to cover their heads

Face and even most of their hands and legs

Where’s the equality?

When the female sibling inherit less than their brothers

The wife can’t leave their houses without the husband’s permission

To top it all

Divorce is allowed without any reason

It’s the weirdest of the weirdest

Even stranger than fiction

When they say it’s a peaceful religion

Yet they openly kill their gays

Hang, burn or behead their apostates

Kill their Christians and maybe also their Jews

Imprison their activists for ‘insulting’ their god

Educate their husbands on how to hit their wives

Demand the infidels to pay or die

Flying planes into buildings

And hang people on the crucifix

It’s the weirdest of the weirdest

When they say they treat everyone as equal

Men can have four wives

But women can’t do the same

They educate their sons

And marry of their daughters to perverts

Perhaps it’s cause they follow a pedophile

They say back then time were different

But they say their teachings are always relevant

Excuse me good sir

But isn’t that a contradiction?

With all these inequalities and violence

Perhaps you would wonder

Why people call it the religion of peace and equality

Maybe they didn’t read the book

Or perhaps some just choose to ignore it

But ignoring something doesn’t make it disappear

It doesn’t solve the problem

And till it is talked about and expose

Till then there will be planes flying into buildings

And people living in fear of execution for doing nothing

Perhaps one day I would agree with those labels they give this religion

But that time will never come

Unless peace truly means peace

And equal truly means equal


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