My Dearest Friend, Satan (Part 2)

My dearest friend Satan,

People say you’re evil,

But I begged to differ,

You see I believe in free will,

And the freedom of choice,

But our creator doesn’t,

But that doesn’t mean,

That we can do nothing,

And you showed that to me.

Dear Satan,

You have inspired me to fight,

For whatever I believe is right,

Even when the society might disagree,

I will continue to fight,

Cause I believe in rights,

Even when they think it’s not right.

My dear friend Satan,

People told me to stay away from you,

They say you’re evil,

And will turn me into something like you,


They never mentioned that you will always be there,

For people who are depressed,

You gave them reason,

To pick up the broken pieces,

And move on with their life,

Cause you were always there,

During the lonely nights,

Telling people that you’re here,

Even when their prayers are unanswered.

Dear Satan,

Maybe people will always hate you,

They say you’re the root of all evil,

But they never realise that evil comes from the creator,

And as far as I’m concerned,

You’re not the creator.

Dear Satan,

If I can see you I may look at you in fear,

But behind my fearful and tearful eyes,

I’ll see you as a figure,

Who inspired me,

And people like me,

To fight for freedom,

And for human rights.


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