My Dearest Friend, Satan

My dearest friend, Satan,

It has been a long time

Since I spoke or seen you

I wonder where you have been

Some people say that for the last 30 days

You were chained hell

For one small and stupid mistake

Which somehow the all loving

Doesn’t seem to forgive

Surely it’s nothing

And surely if I keep on questioning

Someone will take me away

And chain me away

And put me in jail

Dear Satan,

It doesn’t makes sense

That for one small mistake of yours

You are condemned for eternity

Although legend has it

You once prayed at the mountains

Every day and night

And yet there you are

Sitting in hell

Alone and perhaps even in fear

While some people

They murder, rape and steal

But before they die

They somehow repent and accepted god as the almighty

And we praise them for eternity

Praising the lord too

For being all kind and all forgiving

While you

All your previous prayers were useless and even forgotten

Just because you refused to bow to us humans

What harm does it make

Surely it means nothing?

Or does it

Perhaps it’s something I couldn’t understand

Some say I should stop questioning

Because the lord works in mysterious ways

And everything happens for a reason

But how could I stop questioning

There are many people like you

Who used to pray and praise the all loving

Only the be punished

So one day

They couldn’t take it

And they lose their faith

But the society

They don’t understand

And we condemn them to hell

While some will even lose their heads

Dear Satan

People say you’re evil

That somehow all evil originates from you

But God said

Not a single atom moves unless he permits it

So who is the real evil here?

I guess I will never know

But dear Satan,

I just want to let you know

That I will always appreciate it

That you stood up and fought

For the free will you weren’t provided with


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