Thoughts and Prayers

We love to do one thing

Whenever there’s a shooting, stabbings or bombings

We will say, mostly tweet

Sending thoughts and prayers

Then we feel happy

Because we helped people to move on

From such horrible tragedies

But do you really?

Doesn’t sending thoughts and prayers means nothing

To someone that’s already dead?

Why pray for the dead

When we could have helped them not to be dead?

We love to say things

To make ourselves feel better

But we don’t really care about others

Type amen to save this kid

Even if you don’t donate

They will be ok

We thank God when someone is saved

But we never thanked the firefighters

Nor the doctors

Who actually does the work

We blame natural disasters on the gays

We said it’s because they wanted to get married

Wow what an ass

We cut down trees

And do nothing for the climate change

We blame innocent groups

For our mistakes

But never fear

As long as we keep on typing

Sending thoughts and prayers

Everything will be clear

Even if we sit down and do nothing

Cause the creator

He is somehow all loving

And would come and make everything clear


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