It’s a Stupid World…

It’s a stupid world we live in

People get away with stealing

But being truthful makes you a nobody

It’s a stupid place we stay in

You can get away with corruption

The more you take the more you win

If you try to go against the flow

Good luck with the show

Of people calling you a so called pro

Who wants nothing but to steal the show

It’s an idiotic place we call home

Where you can get away with killing

But apostasy will get you killed for sure

It’s not a wonderful place here

Where you will suffer

Just because of who you love

But if you’re a bigot

You can get away for sure

Run in any election

And you will win for sure

It’s a stupid world we live in

Where it took ages for some people

To be recognised as humans

Just because of their gender

And who they love

It’s a stupid world we live in

Where we think people need our permission

Just because they are different

It’s a stupid world we live in

Where people believe in nothing but fiction

While facts are called rubbish

And preaching science is called blasphemy

It’s a stupid world I live in

Where I see a lot of people suffer

Just because they don’t fit the category of normal

People can be kind helpful and loving

But if they don’t believe in certain things

We give them the death penalty

But never fear

Sometimes if we’re liberal

We sent them to prison

It’s a stupid world I live in

Where those who wants to live are killed

But those who doesn’t want to live remains

So that they are given more sufferings

But if they choose to die

They will be in hell for eternity

It’s a stupid world I live in

I don’t even know why the hell am I here

They say it’s a test

The one which tests my faith

To show that the creator is all knowing and all loving


It’s a stupid world I live in

Where if I ever call the creator stupid

I wouldn’t be here

Typing this for you to see


10 thoughts on “It’s a Stupid World…

      1. I have my freedom of speech. It’s a stupid world I live in where I don’t even have freedom to speak


      2. You told me to bugger off because I said something you didn’t like. So much for fighting for freedom of speech. #Hypocrisy


      3. What do you expect me to do when you gave such bigoted comments. Kneel down and lick your arse? Like hell I would. I won’t praise you for bigotry, racism, sexism, homophobia etc. Now fuck off


  1. Wow it’s first time in my life I saw a Muslim telling someone to fuck off for a homophobic comment. Wow. Wow. Wow. A what more this Muslim lives in a conservative country with blasphemy laws. Wow. Wooow


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