Religion of “Peace”

We are proud of our religion

Everyone calls it the religion of peace

Surely it’s meant for everybody

And surely the followers are all happy

Loving, and full of compassion

It is indeed the religion of peace

But if you insult it

We will come and shoot you dead

If you try to leave

We will come and chop your head

We go around

Spreading love not hate

Telling people to be loving

Tolerant and forgiving

But it’s all hypocrisy, can’t you see?

Once people question something

We attack them not with guns

But with words we told people not to use

With threats we told people they should never make

We effectively block out any form of criticism

Using the damned Islamophobia word

Sometimes we say it’s racist too

But my dear friends

Islam is not a race

And religions are not humans

Its kind of awkward

When we preach peace

But we throw people from buildings just because they want to be who they were born to be

We burn books that teaches people how to think

We try our best to force everyone to follow our teachings

And apostasy is dealt with the death penalty

It seems there’s a new definition of peace in this religion of mine

Perhaps something that I could never see

Touch or feel let alone trying to understand

We classify Muslims that questioned it

As friends of Satan

But when another Muslim across the sea

Blew up people and buildings

We kept quiet and said nothing

We told non Muslims who questioned it to shut up

They know nothing and therefore have no rights to speak

But I don’t need to be a professor

To tell you that one plus two equals three

Perhaps one day the time will come

When we will truly be loving and not hating

And peace really means peace

But until then

I will never agree

That this religion of mine

Is indeed a religion of peace


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