Many want to live

But they still die

Can’t you see

To live forever and ever

The only way is to wish to die

Then God will keep you alive

Cause why wouldn’t he?

Life is not rainbows and sunshine

Being alive is not a blessing

It’s a trap can’t you see

You are kept alive

For you to endure sufferings

Famine and killings

But never once can you say anything

Or in hell you will be for eternity

What hell?

Isn’t Earth hell enough?

Surely not cause some people are always happy

Then damn you and me

Happiness is a privilege can’t you see

But wait!

Somethings are just unexplainable you see

Because our lord

He works in mysterious ways

Everything that happened

Comes with its own blessings

Where then is the blessing

For cancer in children

Surely the son doesn’t bear the sins of the father

Blasphemy! Blasphemy!

Thou shalt not blaspheme!

Such insult should be dealt

With the death penalty!

Kill me then

Feed me what you fed Socrates

For it would end my life and my sufferings

If it brings me to hell

I no longer care

Because in the hands of an all loving God

Surely he would spare me some forgiving?


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