The Change

They promised change

It was understood

That is won’t happen soon

They needed time

For them to think everything through

Surely we could wait for a few days

If not a week or two

Surely something would change by then

And so I waited

The fifth day came

But nothing changed

I voiced out my concerned

But I was told to be patient

Then I was told to change myself

And be a better citizen

To always follow the moral values

That was indoctrinated to me

Only then I will be internally free

Only then my country will change

I tried to change myself

But I couldn’t

It goes against my ideology you see

Therefore I waited

Two weeks flew by

Still nothing happened

I voiced out my complains

Along with my friends

Who wanted change

But we were told to go back

To our holy book

And return to our roots

Only then we can expect change

That day I walked away forever

Annoyed as ever

I returned home and burned

All of my holy books

And the ‘do’s and ‘dont’s

For the only change I needed

Was the chance for everyone

To be who they were born to be


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