The New God

Everyone was happy that night

Of course they were

The old, evil and corrupted God was finally ousted

Many were injured and many more lost their lives

But after fighting for 60 years

Finally the self proclaimed God is no more

The defeated God left the stage in a shock

He was not always evil

The people loved him

Everything he did was right

They fought off all criticism

Saying it was all conspiracy

“I swear to God!”

“I did nothing wrong!” he said

And the crowd cheered

All hail their mighty leader

Then one day it happened

Their leader made himself God

“Worship me!”

“I’ll bring you peace and prosperity!”

It took them years to realise

The God they worship is actually the Devil

“For the Devil is sleek

And thou shalt not see

The true colour of it”

Up they came and fought the evil God

Nobody saw it coming as they were mostly asleep

Thinking their effort for the day is wasted

But goodness always wins and win it did

There were celebrations for two weeks

Not everyone liked it but after 60 years

That’s the least they could do

To be happy

As the sky is now shiny

They hailed a new leader

Hopeful for change

Long live my dear king

And even if you kill me

I’ll still say that it wasn’t you

For my king is my God

And my God never kills


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