The Apology : Nonsense (Part 2)


Sometimes I wonder why there are rules, rules people are made to follow without questioning. They say those rules are meant to keep people together, “To make sure that everyone lives harmonically, united under one god,” as someone told me once. “If there’s no God, would people still be united?” I answered back but the response I got was, “Don’t question that. God exists and you shouldn’t question what if God isn’t real. Our holy book says so,” the person told me. What makes me angry is that religious people always get away with circular reasoning but nobody else is allowed to do so.

I remembered the time someone tried to convert me to another religion. That time, I haven’t really distanced myself from God and the thought that my teachings could be wrong came into my mind. I stood down, listening to be a person talking for hours, teaching me something new: a new God with the same demands. “Take this book and read it,” the person told me and I did. I sat down, thrilled about the fact that I might convert to another religion which seems to be better. It wasn’t until I read the part where people are told to bash their children with rocks when they misbehave that I realised that every religion followers are the same. The cherry-picks phrases in the holy book and whenever someone points out a negative part, they would simply say, “Oh that, that’s not meant to be carried out literally. It’s just a metaphor,”

I met that person again and asked him about those horrendous phrases and I asked another question, “How do people decide which is a metaphor and which is not?” and of course, I didn’t get an answer. I met the same person again a few years later but this time, it’s when I started to hear voices in my head. “Kill him,” the voices told me and so I did. I followed the person home, snap a photo of his house and went away. That night, I went back and this time, I bought the book that he gave me. “Oh, it’s you!” he exclaimed. “You finally want to convert?” he asked excitedly. “Tell me,” I said. “We’re you a disobedient child?” I asked him. “Sometimes,” he said and that was when I smashed the book to the left side of his head.

Falling to the ground, he tried to crawl up but I kicked him on the head and he fell back, just as I slammed the door shut. Luckily for me, every victim of mine lives in some isolated area, so screaming won’t help. “You know what I think?” I asked him as he tried to get up. “I think stupidity should be in the lists of the seven deadly sins,” I said. “And the punishment should be beaten to death with the holy book,” I told him. He tried to scream but I was quicker. I smacked his right temple with the book and since it was hard-cover and thick, I could hear his neck cracking. “Please let me go,” he whispered. “No can’t do,” I said. “You committed a sin and now I’m your God,” I told him. “Pray as hard as you like. I won’t listen to you,”

That was when he threw his phone at me and it hit me on my head. I fell to the ground and he started to crawl away, presumably towards the toilet where he could lock himself. I was still seeing stars and so I couldn’t get up but he could. “Get up you stupid idiot!” the voices in my head yelled to me. As he got nearer and nearer to the toilet, I saw that he was able to stand up and so could I. It was in mere seconds that I managed to catch up with him. He turned around just in time for me to smack the top of his head really hard with the book. He fell on the ground flat but he was still alive. “Let me live please!” he begged but I wasn’t buying any of it. He looked up and I shove the book into his mouth. I kicked him really hard that it broke his neck, killing him for good.

(To be continued)


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