A Little Rant


Hello, humans. I wanted to write something else today but I’m just tired from I don’t know what. Maybe it’s because I started my “vegetarian diet” which mean I didn’t have meat for a day today for the first time in years. Plus, my partly disappointing exam results might contribute to my tiredness too but since I passed every exam for the first time since I entered University (I was expelled before if you didn’t already know), I’m a little proud of myself.

Actually, I didn’t plan to write a blog post at all until I saw something that annoyed me beyond my normal “level of annoyance” and I think I need to say something even though I think I’m not allowed to. Just as I was about to sleep, I saw a news article about an artist who was sentenced to a month in prison and ordered to pay a hefty amount of fine for “insulting” someone of a high level. Let’s just get to the point, it’s completely ridiculous, stupid and idiotic.

Just because you are the prime minister, the president, the king, the queen or whatever, it doesn’t mean that you should be immune to “criticism”. I mean, why bother telling everyone, promoting everywhere that you believe “progressivism” and promoting “moderation” when you can’t even take a single tiny bit of criticism. Being a representative, a Prime Minister or a President doesn’t mean that you’re special. It just means that people believe and trust you to do your work properly.

They believe in you to make their life better, not to make it worse and then blame it on something else. If you think someone wrongly accused you of something, it’s your responsibility to tell them that they’re wrong. There’s also this nonsense about “there’s a better way to voice out your opinion” or “you should have done it the right way”. Well then, let me ask you this, if writing or drawing to expression disapproval is not the right way to voice out opinions, then what is? Crying? Setting ourselves on fire?

Perhaps you prefer people writing you formal letters which I doubt you even read and if you happen to be a representatives who reads letters or emails from your constituents, then I apologise. Lastly, I just want to say, if you can’t accept criticism or a little bit of harmless “insult” then maybe you should just resign and don’t bother to run for any office ever again.

Every where you go, whatever you do, there will always be someone who criticise or insults you. So what? If you are a great leader, you shouldn’t be bothered about people criticising you. Just because you have the power, it doesn’t make you superior to everyone else in your country. Remember, if it wasn’t for the people, you wouldn’t be in charge. In fact, you would be powerless and probably unemployed.



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