The Path : Flash Fiction


Everyone wanted to know where the path leads to but nobody was brave enough to find out. Legend says that once, a young man and woman took on a journey to find out the truth but they never did return. When people first told me about the path, I wasn’t at all interested to investigate, let alone walking along it by myself, especially when it seemingly leads to nowhere. However, after a few months, I decided that a visit could do me no harm.

“Are you sure you want to go down the path?” my best friend who followed me asked. “Yes,” I replied bravely. “Fine,” he said. “But I’m following you,” he said and so I agreed. Although I was reluctant to bring anyone else with me, I know that preventing them was useless, simply because I couldn’t care less with what people want to do with their own life and their own body. Besides, it’s always good to have someone around just in case I’m injured or killed, not that there’s anyone special in my life who needs to know that I’m dead.

“You have life insurance right?” my best friend asked me suddenly. Thinking that it was a joke, seeing that we have been walking non stop for the past hour, I laughed while saying, “Yeah and you will get all the money since I don’t have any other living family members or friends,” I replied. “Good,” he said. “Why did you asked,” I questioned him but I never did received an answer because the next thing I knew, he shot me in the head and pushed my dead body down the cliff. It turns out that there was nothing special about the path. The whole legend and stories were created by him as a plot to lure me towards my dead. It turns out that my life insurance was really useless after all.

My best friend may get away will all my insurance money but I remained at the woods, waiting for someone to come. From that day onwards, the path really became haunted, not by some random ghosts but by me. Some may disagree with me killing all the hikers that pass-by but surely even a lonely ghost like me deserve to have some friends.


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