The Anger : Short Story


“I’ll be there in a minute,” I impatiently said to the person who was on the phone. “I would go faster but I couldn’t!” I shouted, angrily and the person hung up. I wasn’t the type of person to get angry easily as I’m always calm and reasonable but when someone just couldn’t understand something, it really annoys me. “Everyone’s born smart but some choose to be retarded,” I explained to someone once. Of course that someone stopped being friends with me but it’s not my fault. In fact, nothing is ever my fault.

It’s less than a minute later that the person called me again. “I told you I will be there in a minute!” I shouted. “I don’t have a minute. I need you to be here now!” the person shouted back. “Listen here you bloody idiot. I will be there as soon as this traffic clears up!” I yelled and hung up. “Bloody idiot ruined my day,” I mumbled to myself. It took me half an hour to reach my destination but it felt like hours. I got out off the door and saw something fell in front of me, causing me to jump away, up and down like an idiot. At first, I thought the person who was so eager to meet me started to throw rubbish at my direction but when I heard the screams, I finally realised that she had killed herself.

“I really don’t know why she wanted to meet me,” I told the police officer that was questioning me for the last hour. “You must know something,” I was told to which I reply with a question, “Look here you smartasses, rather than keeping me here why don’t you solve real murder cases?” and I walked out. I was strolling aimlessly, trying to get the ridiculuosly horrifying picture out of my mind when someone called my name not once but twice. Turning around, I saw that it was my boss. “I’m so sorry for your lost,” he said before walking away. Stopping at his tracks, he said, “Don’t blame it on yourself. The traffic wasn’t your fault,”

“Die you idiot,” I said under my breath. I was sure that he was still able to listen to what I said but it didn’t matter. Seconds later, a car lost control and ran over him, killing him instantly. Everyone became hysterical, of course but I remained speechless. As people started to gather around me, I could feel my vision getting smaller and smaller, darker and darker and finally, I passed out. I woke up at the hospital, my best friend sitting beside me. “Where am I?” I asked. “Hospital,” he replied. “You fainted at the crash scene,” he explained. I was discharged an hour later after forcing the doctor to let me go. My best friend offered to stay at my place for the night but I refused, saying that I will be fine after a long sleep.

I was sure I was in the middle of a sweet dream when I heard someone knocking on my door. “Don’t open it,” my inner voice said. “It’s the ghosts of those two people,” it said. “They want you dead,” it continued and so I lied on my bed, trying not to move a muscle. The knocking became scratching and later banging. “Open this door you idiot!” someone screamed at the other end of the door. I recognised the voice and I would have opened the door if I haven’t rememebered that the person died a long time ago. “It’s time for you to die too,” the person said in a happy tone.

“No you freak,” I replied. “I didn’t survive thing long in the world just to be killed by some stupid, idiot ghost,” I said and went back to sleep. It was seconds later that I heard something or someone creeping onto the bed. I opened my eyes and saw a rotting corpse smiling at me. I let out the loudest scream that I could and tried to push the thing away. “Don’t worry,” it said. “It will be quick and painless,” it said, laughing happily. “Then you can join the rest of us and we could be friends again, just like the good old times,” it explained. I didn’t get the chance to ask about what the hell the thing was talking about because the next thing I knew, the thing was holding my neck and I heard a crack. Then, I was flying down the appartment building and towards the ground.


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