The Regret : Flash Fiction


Alice walked out of her car and walked away from the screaming and wailing daughter that was locked inside. Slowly, she walked towards the woods, leaving her only child behind. “It’s not my fault,” she said to herself in a soothing voice as if she was calming herself, telling her soul that everything would be alright. “It will be over soon,” her inner voice said. Alice wasn’t sure if everything went according to plan because she stood there for 10 minutes, waiting for something to happen but it didn’t.

Just as she was about to go back to her car, it exploded, sending pieces of the car and her daughter flying all over the place although she couldn’t tell apart which one’s which. She dropped to the ground, wailing as people started to gather around to observe the commotion. They didn’t stay long, of course, fearing that the remaining part of the car, which was just the front would explode too.

After the cops sent her home, Alice locked the door and laughed for the first time in months. Most people would regret their decision of killing their children but not Alice. Just earlier that year, she pushed her husband off the building and now she got rid of yet another nuisance. “I couldn’t be happier,” Alice said whenever someone who visits her asked how she was feeling. Of course, they didn’t pay much attention to her weird answer. Unfortunately, those who are too stupid to question her and starts investigating never got out alive.


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