Time : Flash Fiction


Unlike most people who complain all the time about the lack of “time”, I never did that, not even once in my entire life, simply because it’s pointless for me to complain about it. “Not that it would change anything,” I would answer to anyone that questions me about my habit of being so relaxed and procrastinating everything until the last minute. Nobody ever questioned me about why I am always calm but how could they when they could never see me.

I walked into the room slowly but steading and approached the old woman who was sleeping on the sofa. She seems happy which makes it difficult for me to do my job. I have always envied people who are happy because I wasn’t happy at all. In fact, I was never happy but I have come to accept that fact a long time ago. She was reading a book that she would never finish because she was going to die soon. I know its a pity especially since she was already halfway through but life is not always flowers and sunshine. In fact, most of the time, it’s garbage. I’m sure everyone knows it but they are still pretend that it isn’t. I don’t blame them. Pretending is a gateway from the miseries of life, after all.

I stood behind her and sucked the soul out off her body. She was lucky to die peacefully in her sleep as others are always afraid to die, knowing that it would probably be painful or something like that. I let her soul towards the door, leaving her empty corpse behind. I told her that I’m bringing her to heaven but of course, I was lying. The truth is, she was going to hell since that’s her fate.

Most people who could see me or could read my stories would call me a murderer and a liar but to some others, I’m simply a death angel who is also known as the grim reaper. I sometimes find it cute that people think that I would come and bring them to a better place. Oh, sometimes I couldn’t wait to see the shock on their faces as I push them all into the burning pits of hell. Most never expected it but then again, humans always think they are perfect head to toe, even when they aren’t and that’s a pity.


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