Some Random Ramblings

Hello, humans. It has been two weeks since I wrote a blog post on a train which means today I’m writing it on a train too. If last two weeks I said that it was shaking like crazy, this week, it doesn’t move at all, in the sense that it would move for a little and stop for a long time and move again. At this rate, I don’t even know if I could reach home before the weekend ends. It’s not that I’m grumpy, no. It’s nothing like that. Firstly, they said it’s a “fast” train that “never stops” except it’s a lie cause it does stop and it’s not fast at all.

I do realise that sometimes, technical problems occur but sometimes is forgivable. ALL THE TIME isn’t, especially since we (the passengers) had to pay more for a so called “better” service. What worse is that I have to hear someone of a high ranking giving a speech about how great the transport system is in the country. Apparently “great” means that the service is delayed without explanation and the train stopping randomly even when there’s no other train passing through the opposite direction. Sometimes I wonder if they would ever give the affect passengers a rebate or something like that but I guess a dream remains a dream most of the time.

All these ranting made me think about the word “great” that have been coined around lately. For example, Trump said he wants to make America great again and Emmanuel Macron said he wants to make the PLANET great again cause someone said climate change isn’t real and refused to take responsibility (as usual). Anyway, what is ‘great’? Surely the definition varies from people to people right? For example, if you ask me what makes a country “great”, I would say it’s a country where everyone gets an equal opportunity to advance in life, where the people work together for a peaceful community and where nobody is discriminate against for being who they are. Of course, someone with a different ideology than me might disagree completely (or partially). So tell me, my dear readers, what’s the meaning of “great”? Tell me in the comments below.


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