A Love Story: Heaven


In my final attempts to save myself, I screamed as loud as I could, hoping that my best friend would wake up, see the monster that was on the bed and push it away for me to run. “What’s wrong?” he asked and jumped up, trying to see what was happening but he saw nothing because whatever it was that was on top of me have disappeared. “There’s….the…th…” I tried to speak but couldn’t as I was still shaking in fear. “There’s nothing there,” he said. “You are just dreaming,” he continued, trying to assure me that it was all a nightmare.

“No!” I shouted. “Eleanor was here! Eleanor was here! She’s Satan! She’s the devil!” I yelled like a child that just saw something under their bed. “Here,” I was told. “Take this sleeping pill and go to bed,” my best friend told me. I refused at first but since he kept insisting, I finally gave in. “Lock everything,” I said before closing my eyes. I was sure that I saw something at the edge of my bed but I was too weak to do anything. I trashed around, trying to keep myself awake but I couldn’t. The sleeping pill works fast, it effects to story for my weak body.

At first, I thought that I was in a dark room but as I kept walking, I realised that it wasn’t a room. Actually, it was nothing at all. I was in a black space. “Shh,” something whispered into my ears, causing me to panic. “Bugger off!” I shouted while at the same time using my hands to push away anything that could be standing at my sides. I became even more petrified when I found out that nothing was there. “What are you finding for?” the same person asked me. “Nothing,”

“You can’t lie to me,” I was told. “I’m not lying,” I said. “I’m not finding anything,” I said. “Isn’t it lovely?” I asked back. “Being in an empty room. All alone. Nobody to disturb you,” I said. “Go on,” the voice said. “Finish what you have to say,” it said and so I did. “I love being alone. I want to be alone at times, where I don’t have to care about my surroundings, doing anything that I want,” I said. “Wouldn’t it be great?” I questioned. “Just hanging around, walking about, swinging my hands, breathing in fresh air, being who you are without fear,” I said. “Tell me, if this isn’t heaven, what is?” I questioned again. “Do you have anything to hide?” I was asked. “Who doesn’t,”

“You sounded afraid, terrified earlier on, what changed your mind?” the voice asked me. “If you wanted to kill me, you would have done it long ago,” I replied, sounding as brave as ever. “Do you know who I am,” it asked. “Yes,” I said. “You are the thing that has been following me around for the last few days,” I answered. “Quite a scene you put up there,” it told me. “With what?” I asked, curiously. “With your acting and what not,” it said. “I wasn’t acting. I loved it when they die. I want to hear their screams, I want them to beg, to see their pitiful looks,” I said. “Heaven..heaven…”

“You are nothing more than a coward. You, them, all the same,” the voice said. “You are them, they are you,” it continued. “I’m me and you are you,” I replied annoyingly. “Weren’t you screaming and crying like a little girl earlier?” it asked. “Weren’t you begging too? For your life? Screaming to be spared,” it continued. “Girls scream, boys scream. So what?” I retorted, trying to make a point that everyone in danger would feel scared. “Do you want to take my life? Do you want to kill me?” I asked. “Aren’t you afraid that I would? Isn’t that why you were screaming?” it asked. “I’m afraid the demon, not death,” I answered.

“What’s life? Life is garbage. You born, you die, you rot,” I continued. “Fair enough,” it said. “So, you want to die?” it asked. “Yes, I do,” I answered. “Sadly, I can’t do that,” it said. “I want to tell you something,” it said to me. As if it was waiting for my answer, I remained silent, signalling that it should just go ahead. “What do you do when you seek help but nothing happens?” it asked me. “I give up,” I say. “I give up and move on,” I reply. “Not for everyone,” it replied. “You see,” it said before I could say anything. “Your beloved Eleanor was no angel,” it said. “She’s just as bad as those people who bullies her,” it said.

Suddenly, I saw a white light and like a screen, I saw Eleanor in front of me. She was walking down the street, knife on her hands. “What-” I asked but the voice said. “Shh!” before I could finish. It was dark and a small kid walked towards her. She picked up the kid, dragged him into a nearby woods and asked, “Do you love it here?”. The terrified boy nodded his head in fear. “Good,” she said and slit his throat. Then, she began to laugh like I did when I killed her bully.

“You, them, all the same,” I said to myself as everything disintegrated back into darkness. “Why did she do it?” I asked. “I told her to,” the voice said. “Why?!” I shouted, angrily. “She wanted help. She was desperate for help. She wanted it to stop. God was never there but I was. I kept her company. I helped her stand up again. It’s not my fault,” the voice said. “But you don’t do things for free,” I refuted. “No I don’t but at least I still do something,” it said and I remained silent. “That’s it?” I asked. “No,’ it said. “You must know that now she wants you,” it said. “Cause I want her to kill you,”

To be continued…




4 thoughts on “A Love Story: Heaven

  1. Can I like cite everything you wrote from the moment the “I” character fell asleep till the end? You wrote some beautiful sentences that I would love to analyse. I can pay you if you want to and I can also write a formal email. Please just tell me what to do.


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