A Love Story (Part 6)


I managed to fake a tear or two when the cops arrived. I managed to scratch my hands badly to make it seem as if I tried to prevent my brother-in-law from “committing suicide”. I was “shaking in fear” when the cops questioned me about what happened. “He said he wanted to stop for a cigarette,” I said “But then he tried to jump from the bridge. I tried to stop him! I really did!” I exclaimed while shredding a tear or two. It took them more than an hour to find his body. When I phoned my sister, I could hear her faint from the other side but who cares about that.

For all I know, she might just be over-excited to hear that her husband is finally dead, which means that she was about to inherit a couple of million dollars, a few cars, two houses and a company. “I’m so sorry,” I said as she ran towards me. After they pulled out the body and asked her to identify it, she broke down into tears and even managed to fake a seizure, to the point that if we were in a movie, she would have easily beaten everyone else for the best actress award. Eventually, she stopped faking after everyone started panicking. “I just don’t understand why!” she shouted hysterically. “Well, obviously you are a bullshit wife,” a bystander commented.

They tried to attack each other after that but the cops broke them apart before they literally tore each other in pieces. The person was told to leave and that was when my best friend arrived to take me home. Just as we were about to leave, my sister ran out of her car, pushed aside the cops and jumped off the bridge. “I guess she wasn’t faking anything after all,” I said to myself as we ran towards the edge of the bridge. Surprisingly enough, she fell into one of those police nets that was left there, saving her from dying but it did injure her badly. I was sure by the time my best friend drove off, the scene was full of reporters, trying to report on a tragic love story. That night, I was sure that if Eleanor was there, she would have been very proud of me.

The next day, I woke up to find the incident in the news. My best friend stayed in for the night because he wanted to make sure that I was fine. Albeit being happy that my brother-in-law is dead, the way the reporter tells the story made me angry. An hour later, my best friend drove me to the hospital where my sister was taken. The impact causes her to break several bones as the doctor explained to me, sounding apologetic, not that I care. Since she was still unconscious and since I know that I have to play my part of the movie, I decided to stay by her side. “You should go and buy something to eat,” my best friend told me. I refused at first, stating that I was not hungry but after he insisted, I agreed to get some food on the condition that he would allow me to buy something for him.

I was happily driving down the empty road when I saw an old man crossing the street, right in front of me. I was going fast but since the road was empty, I knew that I could avoid him. As I drove past him, I had the feeling that he looked very familiar someone. Then, it hit me that he looks exactly like Eleanor’s principal except older. “Kill him,” I could her Eleanor whisper in my ears and so I stopped my car and parked it at the side of the road. It almost seems unbelievable to me to see that the old man slipped and fell. “Help!” he shouted but nobody else was near enough to hear him. “Now’s your chance,” I said to myself. “I can simply take him to the hospital where he will die,” I said to myself, excitedly. “Oh! Eleanor would be so proud!” I shouted while trying not to jump up and down.

And so, I ran towards the old garbage and offered him help. “Let me take you to the hospital,” I offered him and he agreed, thanking me for my help. I knocked him unconscious as we entered the car and just as I drove away, I could see Eleanor sitting at the back of the car beside him. “The river,” she said, smiling at me, thanking me for all my efforts. As I drove towards the river, the garbage woke up and he demanded where we are. “My mom is a nurse,” I lied.

“She lives just in there somewhere,” I lied again and he believed me, still thanking me for all the trouble. As we reached the river, Eleanor came out of the water and the old man watched, speechlessly. He was screaming for me to come back and help me. The poor dog even said that he could give me a million dollars. “Bye-bye.” I laughed like a lunatic as I walked away. Before I turned around, I could see Eleanor strangling him with her long nails, ready to eat him alive with her long, sharp, bloody fangs. I turned around one last time to see her bitting off the old dog’s head off. “I love you,” I said, blowing her a kiss.

To be continued….


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