A Love Story (Part 5)


I walked away from the person who was kicking Eleanor mercilessly many years ago fell to the ground, blood flowing out off his head. I wanted to take a closer look, just to see his final reaction but decided against it as his wife came running outside, wailing like a crazy lunatic. I wanted to kill her but decided against it since she’s innocent. “Help! Somebody help!” she shouted but nobody was there to help her, the same way nobody was there to help Eleanor, the person her husband ruthlessly bullied years ago.

Driving away, I stopped at her dad’s house, just to see how he was doing. “I tried to do it this morning,” he said, pointing at the box. “But I didn’t have the strength,” he continued. I just nodded and we chatted for an hour or so and after that, I could see why Eleanor indicated that he was such a kind person. “Well,” I said before leaving. “Maybe I can take a photo or two and flow it into the river every day,” I proposed and he agreed. I took two pictures that were distinctive and headed towards the river. I sat down and closed my eyes as I sank the first one. After a few minutes, seeing that nothing happened, I sank the second picture and walked away. As I ignited my car’s engine, I saw someone sitting at the back of my car.

It was a dark, hooded figure, the same figure who has been in my visions, shooing me back into reality. “Shh,” it said and disappeared. Right after that, I could sense that things around me were different. Everything was turning black and white as I walked outside out of the car and towards the river. There, she was waiting for me, this time, she was smiling but just for a while. As everything around me was disintegrating, I could see the hooded figure standing far away, staring as it disappeared.

When I opened my eyes, I was at Eleanor’s school, and she was limping to class after her now dead bully stopped kicking her. I could see that the entered the toilet when another girl followed her. I got in and saw that the girl started to pull her hair and poured a liquid substance onto her face. Eleanor spent nearly an hour cleaning herself up and after she did her teacher told her to go to the principal room, saying that she was late to class. The principal wasn’t too amused about her excuse, saying that it was all baloney, “Lies,” as he said it. “I will not tolerate this behaviour again,” she was told before asked to leave.

On her way back home, the girl who bullied her in the toilet stopped her and gave her a huge slap. “End her,” she said to someone who was standing behind her and the person started to punch her in the stomach. He only stopped after someone threatens to call the police. I couldn’t see the person who came to help Eleanor because everything around me started disintegrating again. I could see the hooded figure coming towards me but this time, it did nothing as it stood in front of me, as if he was trying to warn me about something.

I drove back to my boss’ house and parked at the same place that I did earlier. His wife surprisingly was still weeping on the ground but she deserves it. “Well, well,” I said to myself. “It turns out that you are not as innocent as you seemed after all,” I said to myself as I walked towards her. This time, I want my victim to see my face as I have my revenge. “Can I help you,” I asked, faking my concern. “Someone killed him,” she said to me before continuing to weep. She cried so long that no tears were coming out from her eyes. “Well, I’m sorry to hear that you must be sad,” I said and when she turned around to talk, I shot her in the eye.

I was driving away when I received a phone call from my brother-in-law. Although at first, I didn’t approve of my sister’s choice, over the years, we have been close friends, going out together several times. He invited me to see some horror movie and so I agreed. That evening, I drove to pick him up from home as I said goodbye to my sister who went out with her friends. Since it was still early, I stopped at my favourite beautiful bridge to snap some pictures. My brother in law was standing beside me and there was nobody else around. Just as he was about to ask me if I have a lighter, I pushed him off the bridge. My sister sure will be sad to find out that her husband is dead but who cares. As long as Eleanor is happy, I would even kill myself if I have to.


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