A Little ‘Rant’

Hello humans. So I’m writing this blog post on my bed again using my phone again cause I’m tired again. Tomorrow’s blog post will be the continuation of the A Love Story series, I can promise you that cause I already have the first and second paragraph ready. You see, I was typing the story in my university’s study room while was relatively empty. I was doing some group assignment there and after everyone left there was only two person (me excluded) left in the room cause it’s the weekends and everyone is probably asleep expect for me.

Anyway, I was typing out the story when the other person across the room suddenly just fled out of the room. He even left everything including his laptop and wallet. Of course I was all shocked and the other person that was in the room was sleeping. The thing is, there was no way that I could see that on earth was at the other half of the room because I was sitting next to the door and the room was kind of curved. Being the curious person that I was, I walked over and saw nothing. Now, if you have known me long enough, you should know that I do believe in ghosts for some reason but at the same time, I’m also a skeptic which means that I don’t really believe in it either.

But it was eleven, the university is relatively empty and the person must have saw something or someone since he literally ran out. While it’s normal for students here to just leave their laptops, phone and other valuables behind, sprinting out, however, was not normal. Therefore, I decided that I would just leave cause it made me felt uncomfortable and that destroyed the idea that I had mind.

Speaking of normal, what actually IS NORMAL? Many people told me that it’s the norm which sparked another question. What’s a norm? My “media studies’ lecturer actually asked this question of what is normal this morning and nobody in class could give an answer that she was satisfied with. So I’m asking the question to you. What is normal? The best answer will receive… nothing cause I’m not a millionaire nor do I have any money. Ok bye!


2 thoughts on “A Little ‘Rant’

  1. If you read the medical books about what is normal you will realise that a normal person would be quite frightening; a grinning Cheshire cat with a nuclear family, working nine to five. A life of monotony is apparently the norm. As for leaving bits and pieces in the room, I guess you look trustworthy.

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