A Little “Conversation” and Rant


Hello, humans. Originally I wanted to name this post “My Random Thoughts” like I occasionally do but then I realised it wasn’t going to be some random thoughts. If you are wondering why on earth I have been posting flash fictions instead of continuing and finishing the new “A Love Story” series, (which is now the most viewed post of mine ever so thank you for that), well it’s because I’m tired. It’s not because there’s a lot of assignments that I need to do. No. Those haven’t even started yet. I was actually going to continue on the series this night but my brain finally said “Haha that’s not happening,” and so I’m typing this on my phone instead while laying on my bed. So, if you don’t see any blog posts from me today, it’s because I fell asleep typing it.

If that does happen, it wouldn’t be the first time. Once my classmate asked me a question about an assignment that was due the evening of the next day. It was around midnight and I was tired so as I was writing down a reply, I fell asleep and when I wake up I realised I haven’t replied to that person. Said person was probably anxiously waiting all night (morning) for a reply that came a few hours later but hey, beggars can’t be choosers. Speaking of which, I actually hate that that “idiom” because it doesn’t makes sense. Sure you shouldn’t demand for more but let’s just say you really came across a beggar who is hungry and wanted food so you gave them some rotten food or whatever and say, “Beggars can’t be choosers,” walk away and brag about how good of a person you are, don’t you feel that it’s better that you have nothing at all than something that would harm them more? Plus, if you are the government don’t you think the people should have the rights to demand for more?

Also, I really don’t get it why people are shocked when I take a liberal position. I mean I’m a leftist. What do you expect? For example, in a certain examination which I shall not name for some reason, the examiner asked me about how as the Prime Minister, I would solve the problem of Marijuana usage among my citizens. First of all, I don’t see someone smoking marijuana as a “problem” cause I believe it’s their choice. So, I said, I would legalise the use of marijuana even for recreational purposes and their faces were like they saw a ghost or something. Then, in another class, a lecturer asked the class if unmarried couples should be allowed to stay together and have children. As you may already “predict”, I said yes. When the lecturer started to scan the room looking at the people who raised their hands, the reaction was only “meh” BUT as soon as I was spotted, the lecturer immediately said “Wow! You agree to?!” I guess it’s because I’m a Muslim but 50% of people who raised their hands were Muslims too so…… I didn’t know why.

I think everyone needs to realise that just because someone agree with something, it doesn’t mean they like to do said thing. You get what I mean? For example, just because I support the legalisation of marijuana doesn’t mean I smoke Marijuana in my room. I mean I also support animal rights it doesn’t mean I’m an animal (although some may suggest that I’m one). Ok, that’s all. Bye!


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