The Tunnel : Flash Fiction

I was sure that I died but someone I was still alive. The train probably missed me by a couple of inches, something that I never knew was possible, that is until today. I continued to walk towards the end of the tunnel and back to civilisation. People always tell me that I should be thankful that I live in a civilised world. But for me the whole idea is baloney. People only said that because they don’t want to change cause change requires them to go against something they believed in for so long.

As I reached the end of the tunnel, I realised that I didn’t have a shadow. That was when I turned around and saw a dead body. It was that of me. I wasn’t scared or sad. In fact, I was happy. I no longer have to go to work to buy things someone told me to. I no longer have to pretend to want to get married because that’s what society wants me to do. “I’m better off being a ghost anyway,” I said to myself as I walked away, a free man.


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