The Walk : Flash Fiction


It was a stressful day, not because I have a lot of things to do, or because I was in some kind of a problem. No. Even the sky was black as if it was mourning a loss or someone or something important. As I walked towards my class, anticipating to learn something new or just to revise something that I already know, I sensed that something was different. Everyone was talking or playing with their phones as usual but nobody seems alive. It was as if everyone was tired and bored of their daily routine, a routine that everyone was told to follow for some apparent reason.

The lecturer said something about being the in the “present” – god knows what she meant. “Literature doesn’t take place in a closed door,” she said. “You need to explore the world around you but at the same time, be in the present,” she explains while hoping that even a person would understand what on earth she was talking about. Usually, that person would be me but this time, even I was quiet. “Aren’t we already in the present time,” someone asked her. There was a tone of annoyance in his voice which I wished I could mimic. “Come out everyone,” the lecturer declared. “We will all go for a walk. A walk that will change your life,”

And so our journey began as we embarked on the quest of finding our true selves – a process that was long overdue. “Use your senses around you,” I was told. As I walked and walked, I placed my phone in my pocket and observed everyone and everything around me. I could see people staring, wondering what we’re doing. I could hear the birds chirping among themselves. “Surely they are communicating something,” I said to myself. I hear water flowing and that was when I closed my eyes and pictured myself in a forest.

As I became one with nature, I opened my eyes and everyone around me felt like a dream. I saw fans, spinning around as I would, finding for a purpose in my life. I see people walking either to their rooms or to class. I see a system. A system that’s controlling everyone and everything and we are the prisoners. I was sure that I was on the balcony of the tallest building. “The only way to break away from the system and to be free is for me to wake up from this illusion,” I said to myself. As the ground rushes to meet me, I smiled for the first time in my life. Soon, I would be free.


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