A Love Story (Part 4)


“Eleanor..” I whispered as she signalled me to stand up and follow her. On her head, I could see signs that it was smashed and I thought to myself, “Well maybe ghosts look like the way they were killed,” as I walked out of the restaurant that was filled with souls that were staring at me, laughing madly. “Where am I?” I asked her anxiously, hoping for an answer. “Shh..” she said and kept moving so, I followed her.

After that felt like an hour or so, I reached the forest where I was supposed to lay her pictures but failed miserably as I overcome by emotion. We walked towards the river and I could see the only picture of her that I managed to sank floating upwards. As it reached me, it started to glow, lighting up the black and while environment I was in, filling it with colours. The last thing I saw was a bright flash of light before everything turned dark.

When I opened my eyes, I saw that I was in a room and since it was still in black and white, I gathered that I was still in the “spirit world”. “I’m off to school dad!” I heard someone yelled before a door shuts and open. Running towards the door, I saw a younger version of Eleanor walking towards a bus station.

The cheer from the voice earlier was not present in her movement as she dragged her feet, half-willingly towards the bus stop. I could see that she shed a tear as she waited for the bus and when it came, she sat at the back, alone. “The nerd is here!” someone announced and the bus filled with laughter. Then, someone came to her, opened a bottle of water and poured it all over her, soaking her clothes. She said and did nothing as everyone laughed.

As soon as the bus arrived at school, she ran towards the toilet and cleaned herself. As she was walking towards her class, someone called, “Hey bastard! Where’s my homework!” and she turned around, trying not to cry as she said. “I’m sorry. It’s all wet,” she said, handing the person a piece of paper. “You bloody idiot!” the person shouted.

“No wonder your mom left you! You are so stupid, you probably killed her!” she was told and then, a punch landed on her face. If that wasn’t enough, the person started to punch her in the stomach and when she fell to the ground, she was kicked rapidly. I tried everything that I could to help but nothing seems to be working. Everyone around her did nothing and more disgustingly, some even took videos, probably to upload it to the internet or whatever.

It only stops after a teacher pulled the person away. I was hoping that the teacher would do something but she did nothing. “Get up and go to your class,” she told Eleanor without giving a care towards the plea for help. Suddenly, I heard someone calling my name from behind.

Thinking that it was Eleanor, I turned around but I saw something else. It was something tall with a hideous face and long fangs. I stood motionless, as the thing, whatever it was starting running towards me. As it came closer, everything around me started to disintegrate and slowly the whole place turned black. It grabbed my arms forcing me to open my eyes which I did.

I opened my eyes and the thing was in front of me. Without warning, it started to scream and shriek causing me to pass out. When I woke up, I saw that everyone at the restaurant was gathering around me. I started to panic, thinking that they were zombies who were trying to eat me alive. Then, my friend came forward and calmed me down. As he drove me home, he demanded that I meet a doctor but I said that I was fine. As soon as he drove away after being satisfied that I was fine, I took some sleeping pills and went to bed, hoping that my ‘vision’ would resume but it didn’t.

The next day, I came to work early. It is empty as usual because only a few people are allowed on the ‘executive floor’. After work, I followed my boss home, hoping to ask him for a few days off because of my ‘mental health’. I parked my car far away from his house because I didn’t want to bother him. Walking into the woods and into his house, I could see him getting out of the car. Before he could do anything, I shot him in the head and walked away.

To be continued…




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