Writing Some Random Stuff

Hello humans. Since I’m writing this on a train, I can’t much because writing on your phone is hard especially when the train seems like it would flip to the other side without warning. So, I’m writing some random stuff instead. I know what some of you may be thinking. “Why don’t you just write AFTER getting out of the train?” you may ask. Well, it’s because I would only leave the train after midnight so that means that I would miss a day of blog posts which means less view and less ad-revenue (Just kidding).

Don’t you think life is weird? A few weeks ago, I took the same train and it inspired me to write my newly released book, “I am Victor” but today I’m only inspired to sleep while wishing this thing doesn’t break down midway to my destination. I must say, I’m not shocked if it does break down cause it has happened many many many times before. You know these politicians goes around telling people how much they did but they didn’t mention it’s all bullcrap.

Actually, I always have a serious questions for my dear reader although I already have a clear picture of the answer I might get. So, in the comments section below answer this question: Do you believe in God? Just say yes and no so that people who didn’t read this far would keep wondering why there’s yes and no in the comment section. Ok, bye!


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