Voting The Lesser Of Two Evil Is DUMB


Hello, humans. So, this blog post is a rant about something that I wished I have realised earlier because I never understood how dumb the term “Voting the lesser of two evils” is that is until recently. I also said that I would never take back anything that I said but today, I’m announcing that I will take back something that I said and that is “voting third-party is a waste of vote” because I realised that I was wrong. If you don’t know, “third-party” is the “smaller” political party that runs in an election. It’s called third-party because normally, elections are nominated by two large party or two huge coalition group.

So, why did I changed my stance? Well, it’s because I’m annoyed. I had enough of politicians who thinks that they can act AS THEY PLEASE because the people would vote for them anyway. Why? It’s something called the tactical voting. Tactical voting is when you vote for the candidate that you don’t like but you hate the other candidate so much to the point that you would rather have this candidate that you don’t like as your president, prime minister or state representative.

For example, if you are a liberal but the liberal party is small and it’s influence is weak which means that the candidate doesn’t stand a chance in a general election. The other two candidates are the Conservative and Centrist Candidates. Since you’re afraid that the conservative candidate would win, instead of voting for the Liberal candidate, you voted for the centrist candidate instead in hopes that they would win the election thus, preventing the Conservative candidate from winning. THIS is voting for the lesser of the two evil and this needs to stop.

The reason why is simple. If you have two corrupt candidate running, none of them would actually care about you because they only care about how much money they can make while in power. Since you think you don’t have another choice because people (especially the media) tells you so, it doesn’t mean that it’s true. You have many other choice such as voting for an independent candidate or a candidate of a smaller party. Staying home however, isn’t a legitimate choice. Politicians need to know that just because they are from a certain party to happen to represent a certain group of people doesn’t mean they are entitled to any vote. Your vote needs to be earned not given.

The problem with tactical voting is that politicians will never change. They will never work towards what the people wants and only towards something that would benefit them or their cronies. As long as tactical voting is in place, you are powerless. You can’t change them and they know they are unstoppable and unless you do something, nothing will ever change, not even in a billion years.

What are the options? Simple, vote for someone who you really like even if you are afraid that the other candidate would win. In the case of the Liberal candidate and Liberal voter that I said above, if the Conservative Candidate won even by one vote, the Liberal voter is not at fault. If the Centrist Candidate wants to win, they should had campaigned harder and on populist issues that would surely win them more votes.

Like I said, your votes should be earned. “What if I hate ALL of them?” you may ask. The answer is simple. Spoil the vote. How? It’s pretty easy. You can write none of the above, write your own name, write other people’s name or write you hate them all. It would be even better if you write in my name or simply leave the ballot paper “unticked”.

“But why should I stand in line just to spoil my vote?” you may ask, annoyingly. If it’s a close election, trust me, the candidate who lost will try to win your vote the next time. If you stayed home, people don’t know that you are angry and showing your anger is important. So get out and spoil your vote if there’s nobody who deserves your vote. Don’t let anyone tell you it’s wasted cause it’s not. Ok, bye!



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