What’s the Meaning of Life? (With Explanation)

Hello humans. So yesterday, I wrote a very short blog post, saying that the meaning of life is nothing without leaving much of an explanation. So, here I am giving you one which is purely based on my own opinion that is formed through readings and learning.

According to Socrates, there is no way you can really be sure that what you know true is actually know. Basically, Socrates claimed that he is not a wise man which means that he’s saying that he is no wiser than me or your or anyone else on this planet. Whenever he met someone, he would question them about the thing that they claimed they knew. Whenever he was given an answer, he would continue to question them to the point that they no longer have an answer.

Usually these questions are related to religious beliefs that was practiced back then. Obviously people accused him of being a deceiver and he was eventually sentenced to death. Actually, I was told he didn’t have to die as initial condition set for him was that he would leave Athens and stop doing ‘philosophy stuff’. But he probably said something like “Life without philosophy is worse than death,” and therefore he was sentenced to death. You can read more about this by reading Plato’s Apology Of Socrates and then you can brag to your friends and family about how great you are (assuming your mind didn’t melt while reading it).

So how did I use this to say that the meaning of life is nothing? Well think about it. Science is mostly about assumptions that people make. I mean even the Big Bang is still a theory. Which means that there is a very little to huge possibility that what we were taught might be false (as what Socrates was suggesting). Plus, some scientists are also talking about the possibility that the whole world is a simulation. Let’s just say that the universe is indeed a simulation, doesn’t it mean that life is pointless? I mean that would mean that you aren’t even real. Actually, that raises another question, what makes something ‘real’?

So, that’s why I conclude that the meaning of life is nothing. Actually as I was typing this, I started to think that if nothing is for sure true, then my answer that meaning of life is nothing is not true too. Therefore, I guess the meaning of life is who knows? It’s a mystery in a mystery in a mystery.

Ok, bye!


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