The Book : Flash Fiction

Hello humans. I was not planning to write this flash fiction today because as you can see yesterday’s post was supposed to be continued. However, my laptop decided to have a nervous breakdown right before I wanted to start writing my blog post. Therefore, I have to write it on my phone instead which is why I have to change my plan. Anyhow, here’s the story:

Note: This is a work of fiction:

I was walking back to my room from the lecture hall when I saw a book lying on the ground, amidst the uncut grass. Of course my first instinct was that someone left it there but as I go to take a closer look, I could see that my name was written on it. I stopped and stared for a few minutes, debating whether I should take it or leave it. After all, I was confident that nobody in the university would have the same name as me but I was still wasn’t sure. Deciding that I should probably wait for a few minutes, I sat at the bench and starting looking through my text messages. About five minutes later, someone came and took the book. Curious, I followed the person. We were crossing the road when he opened the book and read. “I didn’t see the car that hit me,” before closing it. Scared and confused, I tried to run but couldn’t. In fact, I couldn’t see at all as I heard a fast moving vehicle coming in my way, ready to take my life.


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