Shameless Self-Promotion Of My New Book: I am Victor

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So, it finally happened. My new book, “I am Victor” is now available on Amazon across the globe in the Kindle Version, which means that only the eBook version is out, not the paperback version. I was kind of hoping that before I publish this post, promoting my book, the Paperback version would be available too but something went wrong with the cover design and I had to redo it. It should be available within 74 hours or so (as claimed by Amazon).

Basically, as you can see in the ebook cover that this the second book of my “A Revengeful Life” series. This, however, doesn’t mean that you need to read the first book to understand the plot but if you had read the first book, it would provide a lot of explanation about events that happened in the first book. This includes why somethings happen, especially an explanation of why some people who seemed innocent were murdered.

The whole book is the voice of Victor who was the antagonist in the first book and Mark who was the protagonist. It also “features” some main characters from the first book which means that they are “present” in this second book. The ‘theme’ of the book is still regrets and forgiveness but as the name of the series says it, there are still elements of revenge as the idea of the whole book is about what I say to be the nature of human beings: Everyone wants revenge. Of course, some may disagree but everyone has their own perception of life after all.

If you want to read an excerpt: Click here, here and here. Finally, if you are interested in buying the book, please click here or you can copy paste the link:




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