Final Update on My New Book


Hello, humans. So, I would be submitting my book to be self-published tomorrow morning (my time), hopefully. Unfortunately, it wouldn’t be 35000 words but only around 22000-25000 because there were ‘sudden’ changes that I did to the entire plot because I felt like something was just wrong (this means that my book qualifies to be called a novella). Plus, I got sick for two days so it kind of ‘disrupted’ the whole writing process.

It would take much longer for the paperback version to be out because I still need to design the cover page. I’m not saying that it’s a very difficult thing to do but it’s quite tedious and nerve-wracking at times especially when you have to edit it multiple times to make sure that it fits all the requirements. Although I didn’t reach my target of 30000-35000, I’m actually ‘proud’ of it because it would be my ‘longest’ work ever.

If I do submit my book tomorrow, I guess it would only go live the day after. That is assuming that everything went well in the sense that I’m not flagged for copyrights infringement and things like that. As I said before, the book title “I am Victor” already exists so I hope that wouldn’t be a problem because it had always been a huge problem for me to give my book a title. I am aware that book titles aren’t copyrighted but who knows? Anything could happen these days.

You may realise that I had ‘slowed down’ significantly in posting blog posts and that’s mainly caused by me writing this book. Therefore, you can expect me to resume writing one blog post per day like I used to, starting from tomorrow. If you have any suggestions for me, do give them in the comment section as it would help me tremendously in writing my blog posts. Ok, Bye!


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