I Hate New Years – Short Story


Nothing seems to be working in the morning that I woke up, which was the first day of the new year. Many people told me that 2018 would be different and that they would be a different person. “Bullcrap,” I replied every time and they would glare. Somehow, people don’t have any problem shoving their positivity into my face but when I shove my pessimism to theirs, all hell breaks out.

As I was walking down the stairs, I slipped at the last step and fell down flat on the ground, face first. My phone flew a few metres away from me and I could literally see pieces of the screen flying all over the place. Trying to get up, I deduced that I sprained my ankle. Limping towards my phone, someone rang my doorbell. “You look terrible. What in the world happened?” my neighbour asked and I explained everything.

She handed me a package that I assumed was mistakenly given to the wrong address. As she was walking away, I heard a car blaring it’s honk, in what sounded like a desperate attempt to warn people. My neighbour crossed the road, completely unaware of the oncoming car and was ran over before I could even say the words, “Move away,”

She took a free, brief but totally unenjoyable 200 metres flight as the car spun and somersaulted as a result of the driver suddenly hitting the brakes while the car is moving at such a high speed. I didn’t have to be a genius to figure she’s dead since her skull was no more. Some other people who witnessed the whole thing screamed and cried while calling the ambulance, cops and everything there is in the world.

I closed the door, limped towards my fridge and took out a can of beer. Surely, it was a reasonable time to drink especially after such a horrifying tragedy. A few minutes later, I heard people knocking on my door and as I opened it, I found out that it was a local news reporter, hoping to get an interview from me. “Go to hell!” I shouted and slammed the door.

I immediately regretted my decision because I remembered that the door was heavy and that the news reporter was literally standing on the way. Opening the door, I saw him lying on the ground, with a broken nose. “You will hear from my lawyer soon,” he yelled and ran away. “Oh boy, you will be in the news today,” someone told me. “You can go to hell too!” I shouted at the person as she was walking towards the ambulance, hoping to catch a glimpse of the dead body.

Just as I was about to catch up with the women, the car exploded and everyone flew in different directions. Thankfully, I was far enough to sustain any kind of unwanted injuries but I could see that some people managed to get themselves killed. Hopping away, I saw a bus which is out of control speeding towards our way. I tripped and fell and just before it hit me, I yelled, “I hate New Years!”



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