I am Victor

Hello Humans. So, I said that my new book would be around 30000-35000 words and as of now, I have written around 15000 words but after I reread it, I removed and added somethings and the word count felt to around 13000 words which are about 43.33% of my target. So, it would take me around four days for me to finally be able to start self-publishing my book. This is subject to change obviously so, you can expect it to be out in about 4/5 days.

As I said before, the book is written in the voice of Victor and Mark with events taking place before and after the events of the first book. This means that the whole book is in the form of a flashback. I do realise that some of you (me included) would be highly confused when two people ‘talk’ at the same time so, I had decided that both ‘voices’ would have two different fonts.

I also said in my second Q&A session that Alexia will not be revived in any way whatsoever but I had been receiving DMs and comments on the blog lately asking me to bring her back to life. I have a good news for those who want her back. You will be ‘seeing’ Alexia in this book but this doesn’t mean that I would bring her back to life. I would, however, choose one (or two) character(s) in the first book of the series to be brought ‘back to life’. Who? Nobody knows. You need to read it to find out.

I know if you are curious enough you would be asking yourself one simple question: How? Well, if you read the book, you will find that it has certain elements of ‘supernatural’ stuff in it but it could also be that a character simply didn’t die at first. I wouldn’t be giving out any more information but if you can’t wait to read it, you can always volunteer to proofread my manuscript (you won’t get paid, unfortunately).

Ok, that’s all for the update. This would be the last blog post for the week, month, year (whatever you call it) because I want to concentrate on writing the manuscript and writing two things at the same thing (manuscript and blog) is a weird and tiring process. The next blog post would be on the first day of 2018. Ok, Bye!


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