The Nightmare On Christmas – Short Story


I had always known that ghosts and all those demonic stuff might be real but I was not quite sure until today. As always, I came home right after buying dinner because I hate it whenever I have to eat at the restaurant because people would look and stare for no reason.

I know that most of the time, I was just overthinking about the whole situation but I could swear that I know somehow that some of them were just waiting for the right moment to ‘attack’. I tried many times to just ignore all those staring and just eat but most of the time, I failed miserably. I would either end up throwing up or running away. Thus, I decided that for the rest of my life, I would just take-out my food or order online whenever possible so I can eat peacefully.

Today, however, I came home, unlocked the door, and saw someone walking into the kitchen. Being a nervous wreck, of course, I ran towards the kitchen while holding out my pocket knife, just to find out that nobody was there. “I’m just tired,” I said to myself and locked my door.

I was eating peacefully while watching some random movie on Netflix when I sensed that someone was standing at the corner, staring at me. Looking up, I spotted a dark mass at one corner of the room. I jumped from my seat and ran towards safety. Once again, the dark shadow disappeared as soon as I ran away. “I need to sleep soon,” I said to myself, convincing my heart and soul that there was no psychotic killer on the loose.

“It must be all those booze I had,” I said to my inner voice, trying to convince myself even further to remain calm. It was Christmas after all and the neighbourhood is filled with people attending parties and all that. “If I scream for help, everyone would hear,” I said and it worked. After 5 minutes, I was back eating my dinner and resumed to watch the movie. That was when I heard a loud crash coming from the kitchen. That was when I decided that I had enough. I took out my concealed gun and pointed it in front of me as I entered the kitchen, trying to see what happened.

As soon as I entered the kitchen, I felt someone touching my shoulder. I fired the gun in what I believed to be an ‘over-reaction’ but then again, many people told me to just “shoot first and ask later”. That thing, whatever it was, pushed me to the ground and it grabbed my leg. Before it could do whatever it was about to do next, I shot it without giving a second thought. Then, I heard it collapsed on the ground. That thing turned out to be some kind of a human who was holding a knife.

I thought it was dead but I was wrong. I was at my door, frantically trying to unlock it to run when I felt something stabbing me on my back. I fell to the ground and screamed in agony as I could literally feel blood coming out of my wound. I pushed the crazed psychopath aside and tried to run to my room when the psychopath tackled me down.

My head hit the floor first and I was sure that I might have had a severe concussion. I could only watch in horror as the psychopath took out his fangs and started to eat my human flesh as a wolf or a dog would. The neighbours, however, thought that my scream was just a prank, played by me to ruin their chirstmas night party.


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