I am Victor – Third Excerpt

Hello, humans. So this is the third excerpt for my new book that is still yet to be completed. You can find the first and second ones by clicking here and here.


I didn’t know what Maria saw in there but everyone started to panic when she started to bang on the door as if Armageddon was taking place inside. “Open the door! Open the door!” she shouted as if someone was about to kill her. “She’s so dead,” Riley whispered into my ears. For me, the whole situation was so funny because clearly, Maria is fake. I had to bite my tongue so hard to prevent myself from laughing that I could feel blood on my tongue.

“HEELLPPPP MEEE!” Maria screamed as she was banging on the door. The ‘paranormal investigators’ kicked and banged the door with anything that they could find to break it but it did nothing. “I have an axe!” my dad said and ran to take one. “Step back from the door!” he shouted as he swung the axe towards it, which didn’t even leave a scratch.

“Call the police!” my mom shouted to Riley who was making her way downstairs. “The phone is not working!” she shouted back and that was when we started to hear bones breaking and snapping. Maria’s scream became worse to the point that it wasn’t even funny anymore. “AAA!” she screamed as we could hear more bones breaking. “I’m sorry!” she shouted. “We are bad people!” she screamed, indicating that I was right to label them as scammers.

“I don’t care!” my mom shouted. “Just don’t die in my house!” she shouted. “At least not in my bed,” I wanted to add but didn’t because it wouldn’t be appropriate given the situation. Maria’s scream of agony died out after five minutes. Nobody dared to open the door as they were afraid of whatever it was that were inside the now cursed room.  Finally, Riley opened the door and there she was, lying on the floor.


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