Hello, humans. If you are wondering where I had been since the last 2 weeks or so, I had been nowhere. I’m still alive and kicking it’s just that I didn’t have the time to write blog posts due to my exams which is now over. Now that it’s over, I’m planning to write a new book which would be the “circumquel/paraquel” to the “Alexia Died in The End” Book. This means that it’s the sequel and prequel at the same time in the sense that some events takes place after the first book and some events takes place before the first book.  Here’s the cover page that I designed:

I am Victor

I probably have to change the title cause there’s already a book by that title but last time I checked, book titles aren’t copyrighted. It would be written in the voices of “Mark” and “Victor”, the two prominent main characters in the first book of the series. It would be about the life of Victor when he was younger and the events that made him the person that he is. I’ll give more information about it in future posts. I’ll try to place a progress bar (my goal is 35000 words):

Word Count So Far:

0 Words35,000 Words 


Feel free to comment any suggestions that you may have for the book in the comment section below.


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