My Random Thoughts


Hello, humans. I don’t know what is it about my university’s philosophy society but every time I attend a ‘meeting’, my mind would be flooded by random thoughts. So, here we go again. Note: This is just my opinion, don’t get too over-excited about it.

First of all, I believe that no reading materials should be banned, including every type of books (fiction or non-fiction) and online reading materials. Although there are fewer books that are being banned than movies (in my country, at least) but it is still bad. Books are meant to make people to think, so that they would be able to question what they are told to do, instead of blindly following orders.

My literature lecturer would always tell the class that a novel had only successfully serve its purpose in a society when people are offended. I’m not saying that all books should be insulting, what I meant is that books should be written in a way that it reflects the society, this includes telling the truth about the negative side of a society and authority. When ‘provocative’ books are banned, the society wouldn’t be able to question the authority that they were told to follow, most of the time, without a legit explanation.

Secondly, I believe that people who uses   recreational drugs shouldn’t be ‘placed’ in prison simply because it doesn’t work. In fact, I believe there should be no prison at all but that’s a topic for another time. Placing people in prison (or forcing them into rehab) for using drugs simply wouldn’t work if they aren’t totally willing to do it. Instead, the government should open anonymous associations which help drugs addicts who wants to stop with their own will. As short, the way this work is something like ‘Anonymous Alcoholics’ where people would meet and support each other, including sharing their problems or something like that.

Ok that’s all for today’s post. Bye!


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