Answering Your Questions Part 2


Hello, humans. I’m too lazy to black out the usernames so I would just type out the questions which was sent to me on my Twitter DM since most of them don’t want to be known anyway so I hope it is alright (plus, I need to save the storage space that is allowed for my blog)

Questions from my Twitter DM

Question 1: In your novel, Alexia Died in the End, is Alexia really dead?

Yes, she’s dead and won’t be coming back even by the means of time travelling or some kind of magic.

Question 2: Are all ghosts in this world a woman?

No, but I think everyone would agree that most ghosts are portrayed as a woman.

Question 3: Do you have a planned list of blog posts that you are going to write?

No. I just sign in to the admin page of my blog an hour or so before midnight and started to type whatever that came in to my mind. It’s only rarely that I plan out something in advance such as this Q&A session for instance.

Question 4: Would you vote for: a) a Jew, b) a homosexual c) a transgender, d) an atheist and e) an ex-prisoner

Yes, yes, yes, yes and yes but only if they share the same political ideology as me. For example. I would never vote for an idiot just because the other candidate is an ex-prisoner.

Question 5: Do you think that transgenders should be allowed to serve in your country’s military?

I actually said something regarding this on Twitter so I would just copy and paste the ‘text’ that I wrote here (with some minor adjustments): If I’m the President of a country, if someone comes to me and volunteer to keep me, my country and my citizens safe, who am I to stop them?

Question 6: Imagine you are standing beside a train track. In the distance, you spot a train hurtling down the tracks towards five people who cannot hear it coming. You have a change to pull a lever that would divert the train but it would kill one worker who was working. Would you pull the lever?

No I wouldn’t. What on Earth are those five people doing at the tracks anyway. Just because a group of people are dumb enough to be at a train track when they aren’t supposed to, it doesn’t mean that I need to do something drastic to save them. It would be unfair towards the worker that was doing their work. Therefore, I would just yell as loud as I can to warn those five people and if they can’t hear me then I would come to their funeral I guess.

Question 7: Would you step on a puppy for a billion dollars?

I know that if I say yes, a large group of people would start throwing tomatoes at me or whatever but let me explain. I was only told to step on a puppy, not to kill it. I could always opt-out to gently step on its tail or somewhere that wouldn’t harm it that much. Then, I could always use the money to take it to a vet, set up millions of shelter or something like that.

If I flip the question and ask: Would you step on a puppy to end world hunger? I am sure 99% of the person that would despise people who chose to step on the puppy for a billion dollars would immediately offer to step on every puppy there is. Anyway, no, I wouldn’t step on a puppy for a billion dollars.

Question 8: I know you are undecided on the issue but if tomorrow, you are required to vote for ‘pro-life’ or ‘pro-choice’ which one would you vote for?

It’s easy. I would just spoil the ballot paper. Pro-choice.

Question 9 (from the same person): If you are required to vote for a political party candidate but you support none of them, what would you do?

The same as the above, spoil the ballot paper. I would just write, “You are all satans”

Question 10: If you become the Prime Minister of Malaysia what would you do on your first day?

First, I would order a bridge to be closed. Then I would  persuade the country to the north of me to ‘make a canal’.

Ok, that’s all for the Q&A session. Tell me if I missed/didn’t answer your questions and I would answer them tomorrow.



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