The Lies


There were times when I wished that I would always stay home, watching some videos on Youtube or some random movies but I know that there was no use in regretting my decision to wander into the woods, feeding my curious mind that was begging to know what was on the other side. “It’s just some more trees, and finally you will see the main road,” my roommate told me but I didn’t take that as a legit answer as Google Maps showed me that it was nothing but more trees before I meet the sea.

I couldn’t process in my mind what I saw on the internet as there was no possible way that no prospector had thought of developing the huge piece of land as they always do whenever they find the opportunity to do so, even when its a tiny piece of land. “As long as there’s enough space, they would do it,” I would tell people during my episodes of babbling about why big and large corporations are the sons of Satan. “You hate just about everyone and everything,” they would say and to some extent, it’s true.

The branch that fell down and hit my head snapped me out of my daydreaming as I realised where I was, deep in the forest. “We are wasting our time,” my roommate told me. Like me, he too would sometimes wish he had chosen to do something less idiotic instead. “No,” I said. “I always quit too early,” I replied. “This time, I will get my answer,” I said, confident that my now 6 days journey would soon come to an end.

That was when we saw something which looks like a spaceship in Sci-Fi movies flying above us, way up in the sky. “Look!” I exclaimed, pointing at that thing as it flew away, towards the sea. “Come on fool!” my roommate yelled. “What are you waiting for?” he asked, eager to follow the ship which had started to slow down. “We are going to be famous!” he yelled as he ran towards the spaceship, camera in his hands.

“Slow down!” I demanded as I tried my best to catch up with him. After what felt like an hour or so running deep into the woods, fueled by our hunger for popularity, we found ourselves standing no more than 100 metres from what seems to be an airbase, expect it wasn’t guarded with any type of fence or wall or whatever. Creeping closer, I could hear something saying, “We shot down yet another intruding spacecraft, ma’am,”

“Good,” the person replies. “At this rate, they would think twice before commanding a full-scale invasion of us,” the person replied. I tried to get a closer look at the person but due to the lack of moonlight, and her being standing in the shadow, I couldn’t really make out what she looks like. “Hey!” someone shouted. “What are you two doing here!” the woman who was standing in the shadows shouted, pointing at us. We tried to run but, someone fired something towards us, causing our legs to stay frozen on the ground, unable to move even a muscle.

“Who are you?” she demanded and so I told her everything. It turns out that my roommate and I did turn out to be famous after that but not because we finally recorded and exposed a military base, set up to defend Earth against the aliens but for telling the world that the Earth is actually hollow. Most people couldn’t care less when it was released that the Earth is hollow. But, when it was revealed that we are in fact living in the interior, only God could explain the scale of riots and panic that followed suit. Some couldn’t accept that their whole life was a lie while others were scared of the invasion that was about to happen.



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