The Darkness


I woke up and saw that the Earth was still engulfed in darkness. I still remembered the first day when the Sun disappeared. It was a Sunday morning, a cloudy day, a good day to be asleep. “What’s that?” someone pointed at me as what seems like a white ray started to materialised from behind a cloud. “That must the Sun’s reflection or something,” I said, not paying much attention.

However, seconds later, the white ray grew brighter and longer as if it was a spaceship from another planet. People started to take notice as it became very obvious. “Don’t look at it with your eyes!” the physicists who live next door screamed, yelling in fact, as I continued to stare at the ray, completely mesmerised by its beauty. “The lord and saviour is coming!” someone exclaimed as the ray started to grow larger and brighter every second.

Everyone stopped whatever they were doing as the biblical phenomenon took place right in front of our eyes. Suddenly, it disappeared and it took the Sun with it. The street lights lighted up immediately as it would at night or during a storm. “What’s happening?” people started asking themselves, panicking. “Maybe it was an eclipse!” the physicists yelled, trying to get himself to be noticed by the roaring crowd.

For the next minute or so, people stopped talking or moving as we anticipated an event of some sort to transpire but nothing happened. Within hours, people all around the country started rioting, demanding the government or some scientists to come up with a logical explanation. The psychists who was working with the government for 10 years was nowhere to be seen as he left, fearing for his life after he was unable to come up with even a little bit of an explanation.

It was around the afternoon that the news began to report that animals started to act weird, particularly those who come out at night. Religious leaders from all around the world gathered at their respective holy lands and started urging people to pray for forgiveness from the lord before started praying themselves. It was the next day that the government finally said that they were completely clueless as images from satellites and space telescopes came back to as completely dark.

Finishing my flashbacks, I looked out my window as I saw people on the streets: some praying, some protesting although I didn’t comprehend the purpose of the latter. Out of the sudden, a group of people stopped moving, going people in the protest crowd to panic. I ran outside, to get a clearer picture of what was happening and I petrified in horror as I saw a group of 20 people or so, standing still, their eyes, completely dark as if life was sucked out of them.

After ten minutes or so, buildings would randomly collapse or just disappeared. I locked myself in my room, crying as I understood what was happening. After calming myself down, I looked outside as the world was in utter chaos. It seems that everyone had now understood that we were living in a simulation which was either experiencing a glitch or one that is being deleted. I lied on my bed for the rest of the day, wondering when it would be my turn to be deleted from the simulation.


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