My Random Thoughts


Hello, humans. It’s the time of the day/week/month/year where I share my random thoughts here again because I literally couldn’t find for a better place to do it. Note: This is just my opinion which worth nothing but this is my blog so I post anything even if that something would one day be used against me.

Firstly, I think I may had crossed over some lines while writing a post in the blog. I hope I had never offended anyone in anyway in any of blog post but that’s not what I meant. What I meant is I may had crossed multiple lines set up by my government with some blog posts, typically those that are about me spilling my opinion such as my ‘Stuff that annoys me’ series or even ‘my random thoughts’ series which is not exactly a series but you get the idea. You see, in my country there are certain things that I’m not supposed to talk about but I know I already did. Therefore, I would like to make an announcement now that I’m not going to take back anything that I said ever.

Secondly, after a long and careful thought, I had finally decided that I wouldn’t be censoring comments with ‘curse words’ anymore. There are two reason, first, I don’t want to be the person who bans just about everything and second, I realised that cursing is art. I didn’t block those comments at first because I think cursing is rude. No, for me, cursing is not rude (but actual it depends on the context). Actually, sometimes when I’m writing something, I had to use to search for another word as an alternative for a ‘curse word’ that came into my mind. By ‘lifting the ban’ I’m not saying that I’m promoting  the use of vulgar words in my blog, I’m saying that I’m legalising a ‘new form of art’.

Ok, that’s all for today. Sorry for such a short post these few days because I had ran out of ideas. You can still submit your questions for the Q&A in the comment section or send me a DM on twitter. Don’t worry if your question didn’t pop up here (In other words, don’t spam). I accidentally deleted the WordPress app on my phone so, I have to log in every time I need to approve a comment. Your comments would be posted as usual tomorrow morning (my time) cause I’m too lazy to do it now and approving from the laptop is tedious. Ok, bye.


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