I am Victor (Second Excerpt)

Hello, humans. First of all, no. The Night Class series is not over. I’m just putting it on hold as I ‘gather’ more ideas about it because yes, I had kind of had really ran out of ideas. Therefore, if you have any ‘requests’ or ‘suggestions’ please tell me. So on Friday, I posted an excerpt of the book which I said I didn’t know if I would write. I still didn’t know if it would exist but here is a second short excerpt:

With my bloody foot, I ran as fast as I could towards the main road. Looking back, which is something that I was not obviously supposed to do, I saw that the dead man began to develop long fingernails as if they were transforming into claws. “You can’t hide Victor,” it said. “I can always come at night,”

Ignoring what it was saying, I kept on walking towards the main road that seems to be getting further and further apart from me. Then, as they always do, I stumbled and fell, spraining my angle. Riley came running in my direction, trying to help get me up. “Run!” I said to her as I literally crawl to make my way to the main road.

“Where are you going, Victor?” the thing asked me. “I am lonely here. Why don’t you keep me company?” it said. I looked at me again which was another mistake. “AAA!” I screamed as the thing was literally crawling towards me, faster than I was crawling away from it. Fair enough, it caught up with me within seconds.

Holding onto my right leg, it uses it’s another hand and tried to grab my left leg too, presumably to drag me back to hell. This time though, it was too slow as I missed its grip by a mere second. Its claws still scratched my leg, causing me to start to bleed. That was when I heard the sound of a skull being bashed with a rock. Riley saved my life that day and I thanked her by killing her years later.


6 thoughts on “I am Victor (Second Excerpt)

  1. I bet you already have the whole book ready but you are still working on the cover that’s why you are giving excerpt. I bet that tomorrow you would say “Hello, humans. This is my new book”

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