The Night Class: The New Beginning


There was utter silence outside as I lied on my bed, not knowing what do. Whatever it was that I had been fearing since we got here could come anytime and kill us you, then, it would kill anyone and nobody could do anything. “Let’s go to the police,” I said to Alice an hour ago, “And say what?” she asked. “We are on the missing list,” I said, pointing at the news that was playing on the crappy TV.

“That’s good,” she told me. “That way people wouldn’t know that we are here,” she said, sounding a little glad. “Don’t know?” I asked angrily. “This is the first place that they would think of, wouldn’t they?” I asked her. “Trust me,” she replied. “Nobody knows I owns this property,” she said, assuring me that somehow I would be safe. “Yeah,” I said. “I could really trust you,” I said in annoyance.

“None of this would have happened if you had just shot her,” I was told. “How could you go around telling people to kill your daughter?” I refuted. “If it would keep the devil inside, I would kill her 1000 times,” she said, like it was something normal to do. I knew that I couldn’t trust her but blocking the door would be stupid just in case the thing that wants my soul came through the window like they always do in the movies.

The news was full with people fake crying for the camera as they pointed to some random ravaged houses or cars that weren’t even there. Then of course, all the world leaders would send their condolences to the victims and give moral support, mostly through social media. Suddenly, crime was not an issue anymore for days to come cause of one natural disaster. “This people don’t realised that crime had killed more people than the reported 50 killed and 20 missing,” I said to Alice before going to bed.

Nothing happened for two days and the news started to place in other crime related stories as the whole country starts to forget about the ‘devastating’ incident, so devastating that in another day, they would forget about it altogether as if nothing happened. “Then after a year or ten, some news media would cover on the stories of the survivors, presumably for a higher rating,” I said to myself as I stared up at the blue sky.

Suddenly, a whole flock of birds covers the sky as the flew over it. It turned dark in seconds. My heart races as Alice got to the car, reading to take off if something unexpected happened. After a few seconds, the sky was clear again, signalling that a nice day was ahead of us. As for me however, I couldn’t say the same for my future which at this point is dark. On the TV, the news reporter said, “Religious leaders gathered at the Earthquake site today as videos of what said to be the devil emerged on the internet as the Earthquake was taking place,”

Looking at the TV as the video was being played, at saw the thing coming out from the ground. I could had swore that it was smiling at me, it lips saying, “I will keep you company,”



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