I am Victor (A Short Excerpt)

Hello, humans. So before anything else, I’m sure one or two or three of you would be wondering why I haven’t posted any blog post for the last three days. Well on Tuesday I was busy, on Wednesday I was too lazy and yesterday was a mixture of my laziness and busyness. So, yes I’m still alive and well. I’m writing this on a train so be prepared to see numerous typos, grammatical errors and all that (like you always do). The excerpt you are about to read is from my future book which I don’t know when I would self-publish it.

Let me tell you how I got the idea. So I’m on a train now and looking outside, although I saw practically nothing, I saw reflections and me typing on the phone. That made me thought of secrets. Then I thought about my book, Alexia Died in the End which is supposed to be the first book in my ‘A revengeful life series’ and how I didn’t really say why the main character was killed. After that I thought why don’t I talk about the antagonist. So, I decided that if I was to write a second book for the series, it would be named “I am Victor” which would be in the first person point of view of the ‘antagonist’ from the first book, Victor.

Here you go, a part of the book which I don’t know if it would ever exists:

People had always said to me that they thought that I was too innocent to kill someone, that although I look crazy, I would had never even thought of doing it. Well, today, I had just proven them to be wrong. I killed someone with my own bare hands, the hand that had once helped an innocent soul who was scared of death that was taking him away. The same hands who vowed to seek revenge. Today, that was exactly what I had achieved.

The cops were called of course, but there was no way my parents would send me away to the cops. They made up a story, saying that the woman had a knife and was trying to stab everyone with it. They still took me in for questioning and I answered every question exactly as I was told to do. I walked away that day, as a free man. Never in my life, had it ever even flashed in my mind, not even once in my whole existence that I could get away from murder so easily.

Someone died. She wouldn’t be going back to her grandchildren, children or friends as for them, she was dead forever and that she wouldn’t return even after 10, 20, 30 years. Their life would be totally different that day and so was mine. Often, after a crisis everyone would try to act as if everything is fine and that nothing had change. I was that person too because I thought that it was the right thing to do. What could go wrong after all? Deep inside me, I know that something was wrong. Something change and whether I or anyone else noticed it, from that day onwards, I was never the same. That day, two people die. The person whose name remains unknown and a me. Victor died that day.


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